[0.7.5] Builders now idle when there are no construction projects

In all my previous games the builders would assign and unassign to the builder role automatically, jumping between builders and labourers, all I controlled was what portion of the labour force does construction. Meaning if I had 20/20 builders assigned and there is no construction work, that the number would drop to 1/20.

Now if there is no construction, the builders “Wandering unable to work”.

If this is as intended, I do prefer the how it has been working till now.


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Does this persist or do they eventually clear out, it just takes a while?

Persist, wandering not able to work if no constructions going on.

Yup I noticed this, too. The builders will not auto-switch to laborers anymore.

Could you please send this save to [email protected]?

Saves are located in:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\Farthest Frontier\Save

Zip up the entire TownName_###### folder along with the .map file and .sav that reproduces the issue.


How do the devs prefer us to say “me too” to a bug? Post a “+1”, Like the post, or is corroboration not required?

Haha, well, if it’s been reported and you can’t provide any additional info that would help reproduce it, then we probably already have everything we need. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, same is happening to me. It’s no longer a “maximum” builder amount, it’s just a full setting, they never go back. Even if I have no work assignments but increase the builder maximum, they all go to builders right away even if nothing to do.

Upon further testing, it seems to happen when there is a build site waiting to be cleared. The builder call happens when the building is plopped, not when it’s ready to be constructed. @Zantai

Stealth fix? lol

The issue relates to upkeep jobs that are not reporting correctly to the builders.

Builders think there’s work to do, but they can’t find it.

We’re working on a fix.


Yep i did test it a lot and mainetnance tasks are locking builders and not being done even with materials available. reducing the number of builders turns them back to labourers but as soon as builders number increases the are all blocked in idle.

Ah that explains why I was confused about how to get the houses repaired. I ended up doing what others are doing which is relocate the house in exactly the same spot it was in

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