0.7.5c Worker Assignment (bug?)

Im not 100% this is a bug, it is possible there is a game mechanic I am over looking. You will see I have labour available, but when I try to fill the second spot in this building, nothing happens. Not only does it not fill, it doesn’t pop up the list of people that I can steal from their current assignment. The current building is a Watchtower, but I have had it in a couple other buildings.

How big is your town? Because you have way too many builders and way too many guards in the Professions window. Why do you need 44 and 50? You don’t even have 50 guards to start with only 4. That may be why it won’t let you add any to the tower. Also you don’t have enough labourers.

Here’s what I noticed on recent update.
-on 0.7.4 a settler assigned as a builder if no materials to fulfill his duty, he takes off the shirt and become a laborer until he gets what’s needed to finish the task.
-on 0.7.5 if a settler assigned as a builder, if no materials, he just slack waiting for some other laborer to do the heavy lifting.
-new settlers on 0.7.4 as soon as accepted in the village, they would immediately take the harvesting task if there is some clear task previously selected. On 0.7.5, new arrivals just slack off (after stocking their own new shelters).

Every 4th year I reduce my builders way down and put them all in the towers… make short work of the raiders. rarely lose anything other than a fence or two.

As you see the builders are all working, so even though there are a lot, they aren’t idle, and haven’t been for almost 10 years. I think this is partly due to the repair bug as I played for 2 hours saved and loaded and almost all my buildings needed a lot of repair and the bulders have been working like crazy since.

I know I don’t technically have enough labourers. but normally as long as there is at least more than 0 I am able to assign them to a profession. Currently it is not letting me do this with random buildings.

This is not what I am talking about. I understand that. What I am talking about is the UI to the right. for the look out tower. I am unable to fill the second spot, and I have labourers free to do so. I have the People UI up to show that there are labours I can assign (even if it is a bad idea) to this spot.

The Professions UI does not always update as fast as the building UIs do. It’s something we need to optimize.


He figured it out:

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Its not that its not assigning workers. It just fills ALL the first spots in ALL the other towers before filling the second spot in this tower. So every time I click on the second spot in this tower, it sill the first spot in another tower first.



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