0.7.5d - Builders bringing the wrong resources when repairing my theatre?

While 0.7.5d does seem to fix most of my issues with regards to repairing, there are a couple things I’ve noticed that still trouble me:

  1. I noticed that I had a Builder ferrying heaps of gold ingots to my theatre, when the building clearly said it was waiting for planks. The result is that the building has not repaired and is now condemned, despite me spending lots of gold it didn’t need.

  2. My Builders never seem so assign more than a couple to Upkeep, as I have several buildings that require Upkeep, but never more than 2-3 Builder doing repairs. I have plenty of Builder slots (e.g. 3/15 used) but the Laborers (who don’t really have anything to do at the moment) just sit there and don’t become Builders. This normally isn’t that big of an issue except because of #1 above, lots of stuff isn’t being repaired.

I should also note that re-loading doesn’t resolve this for me.

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