[0.7.5f] Lifeless Laborer Resurrected After Eating Turnips, Kidnapped

During a raid, this laborer had a near death experience. Once the fighting was over, he suddenly became possessed and slid around on the ground for several (game) days.

He was resurrected after gathering some turnips and went back to work.

After some time, he was scooped up for (quite possibly) an exorcism.


I love the sliding body lol

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Had this happen recently as well. I was unable to capture it, and my other villagers seemed very keen to get rid of their own personal zombie. I think she went to pick up soap and on her way back the villagers got her.

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I don’t think this is a bug.

no? do you see bodies sliding down the street where you live? If so… why do you still live there :rofl: It might be a visual bug instead of strictly a code bug, but still a bug

It’s a feature! Zombie mode ftw!



Now I want a possessed villager.
lol lol lol

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