0.8.0 First Impressions

  1. Happy for the tutorials. I’m sure they’ll help me.
  2. Unhappy at being nagged. I started a new game. Built town center, houses, wells. Put up 1 hunter’s cabin and one forager’s hut. Game started nagging me about storage. Put down to build a storehouse, but needed trees to be cut and the other vital buildings – firewood splitter and saw pit – had to be finished promptly, too. Don’t want villagers to die of exposure. Built the storehouse. It has maybe 1% of its capacity full, and I’m still being nagged about building storehouse because my villagers don’t have anywhere to store stuff. Well, they do. And a lot of capacity for much more. Please correct this so we don’t get nagged to do that which we have already done.
  3. There are items in “Decorations” like the small bench plazas and the crates & barrels, that are neutral, providing no enhancement to desirability. Why have them, then?
  4. I still wish we could have more crops to grow – corn, melons, squash, potatoes, tomatoes.
  5. I still wish those of us who play in Pacifist mode could at least have boars, bears, and wolves. We need the additional food they provide, and we really shouldn’t be penalized on food just because we don’t want to deal with those pesky raiders.
  6. Looking forward to the additional functionalities mentioned in the patch notes.
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  1. Are you sure it should have been a storehouse and not a stockyard that you needed to build?

  2. To make your town pretty.

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Pretty sure it was a storehouse, but I could for a variety of reasons be wrong. If it was the stockyard, I had one of those, too, and it also had hardly anything at all in it. Just built, and with no mining going on yet because my town was just days old and there’s enough other stuff to do, the stockyard wasn’t even at 1% of capacity yet. After all, the wood and stone were all being used to build the essential buildings. In any case, once the building is built and has pretty much nothing in it, could the nagging message not disappear? It is getting annoying.

Nice, but they could also contribute to desirability, which is difficult enough to achieve, especially in certain places where beginning desirability is lower due to terrain conditions.

Problem is every little thing like a piece of pretty fence, etc, which has desirability attached to it adds to the calculations the game has to make which then hinders performance. Hence no desirability on the new items.


Just got the message again; new game. Yes, it is storehouses.

Well, yes, there is that. Difficult these days to believe that the computers that got our astronauts to the moon in 1969 had 4 kilobytes of RAM and a 32 kilobyte hard drive! And here we are, playing games on computers way, way, way more powerful than those!

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Another thing I’m very happy with – bigger trees! 12 logs now for some of them. Nice!

Most people have no idea the orders of magnitude surpassed in computing from then to now.

You might as well be speaking in terms of astronomical distance as try to explain what a terra- or yottabyte is, or what current SOTA clock-speeds are coming in at.

Most people now carry enough transistor switches in their pocket to register several hits per second for every single person on the planet.

All eight billion of them.

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I have personal experience of the changes in computer capabilities. The first computer I worked with in the US Army was the FADAC - Field Artillery Digital Automatic Computer. 1960s technology. It was the size of a steamer trunk, weighed several hundred pounds, and took up to a minute to calculate the data for a single missile launch. A few years later, the BCS (Battery Computer System) had 1970s technology, took up ‘only’ about 2 cubic feet, weighed less than 100 pounds, had 4 Kb of RAM and could do the same calculations in about 15 seconds (doing them by hand with manuals and pencil took 10 - 15 minutes).
5 years later, my first personal computer was a Mac with 8 Kb RAM and a 32 Kb hard drive - and I paid more for it than I paid for my current computer, which has 32Mb of RAM and a 2 Tb hard drive.

And what’s most interesting is that no science fiction story written in the 1950s or 60s predicted anything remotely like the speed of advance of computing technology that was about to happen. Interesting times.


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