0.9.1 fresh bugs

  1. Sometimes cutting down newly grown 2-yield trees yields instead 10 wood;
  2. Can’t cultivate rye anymore because it always looses yield (a lot!) due to heat regardless of starting season. Heat resistance is 8/10 however…
  3. I think something is off with arborist fruit production…can’t go over 750/800 fruits/year…is this normal?
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Were you ever getting more than that per orchard? I dont remember ever getting more than like 4-500 per orchard per year

Some patches ago I was getting about 1300/1400 fruits per year…now it’s more or less half than before. Dunno if it’s for balance purposes or bug…if it’s the former it should be written in patch notes though.

I have this same problem on an Idyllic Valley map. Granted my environmental fertility isn’t the highest - it’s 80%, but I shouldn’t be losing half my field every single year because of weather events like frost and then heat or drought. I’m having to run six fields in a rotation, 2 every year, to get enough rye to keep 2 barns and one brewery stocked (no pub, just making it for money). I lose approximately 900-1500 rye per year now.

Yeah, I experimented a lot with rye but couldn’t find an ideal starting month…I always end up losing 20-40% of my rye due to heat and with a environmental fertility of 100%. I think this needs an adjustment.

Maybe your fruit trees have less production capacity or the arborists spend less time working.

That’s not the case…I currently have an arborist on a soil with a minimum fertility of 98% (mostly 100% however) and the two gatherers are fully working in the orchard. I’ve also tested this on multiple maps and for a long time range (20+ years)…

Could it be that some of the fruits are “stolen” by passing citizens and are not counted in the total fruit output?