[] 2 new uniques

Anyone got new uniques?

still nothing? :eek:

Decree of Aldritch, Scepter of Aldritch are the new ones. I don’t have them but their screens are floating in the forums

This though is pretty insane. so many posibilities. Argivix set (amulet) is an instant thought.

Actually i plan to test it with my Venarius build (DW Aether) when i manage to find it. I think i can sacrifice a little RR (which is already hard to get for aether) and make use of this weapon. The proc and overall damage potential seem rather insane. Would require massive tweaking though. Kinda locked out from the game for a few days though.

I am going to ask an off-topic question.

Suppose i have 100% physical damage converted to Elemental damage. and i have flat 100 physical damage at my disposal. Right now after conversion do i have 100 elemental damage that gets divided by 3 (equally among all three elemental types) or do i have 100 of each elemental type?

Wouldn’t that be nice:D …and overpowered.

No i’m afraid elemental damage is equally distributed within the amount of physical damage converted

Finally found screenshots. Decree is legendary, Scepter is epic. Or has it legendary version like Outcast’s Hood -> Outcast’s Secret ?

Decree is the legendary version of Scepter imo

Thought so, i was aware that flat 99 elemental damage would mean 33 of fire/cold/lightning. But i just wanted to make sure if the rule extended to conversions as well. TY


this is the legendary, the other one I didn’t saw yet

So the first legendary is Decree of Aldritch :smiley:
And the second one is still buried in a treasury box :stuck_out_tongue:

Did i miss something?

Still nothing for the second one? Or was it 1 leg and 1 epic only?

those 2 items dropped from the boss or from the chest?

and is there anythg significant in that secret room other than Katrina (if not mistaken) ?

They drop from the bosses, i assume you get the legendary on ultimate and epic version on elite.

It synchronizes pretty well with the aetherstorm amulet and ring set. That’s what I’m doing atm anyway, pretty fun shooting aether lightning everywhere.