[] Spellbreaker

Nice to meet you. I am a Japanese GrimDawn player.
It is my birthday tomorrow, so I thought about posting because the extended DLC is near.
I will declare it.
I can not write English very well. can not read. I’m sorry I think there are many times late reply.
Basically I do not have playing power to farm a crucible alone because I am a handicapped person.
But if it’s play time it will not be defeated! It has exceeded 7,600 hours recently. I’d like to play up to 20000 hours when I get extended DLC.


However, for example, people of MMO game players have ten year players, so we know that we can not compete in play time.

I am using the pyroclasm mark because this character has a gun at the blind spot.


Thank you for seeing it.

Borrow this place.
All DISCORD voice chat friends, thank you in the future.

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Video added. I moved the character and aimed for a fun build. Therefore, it is not a very strong build.

Looks fun! Thank you for sharing the build. I might have to try this sometime. Those swords, where and how did you acquire them?

As you advance the quest of “Kymon’s Chosen”, I think you will see a quest to defeat BOSS of “Tomb of Archon Barthollem” to you. That BOSS “Malkadarr, Champion of Death’s Vigil” drops.

Is there any chance to have leveling up progression until at least lvl 70-80?
And for devotions as well?

I am trying to build it up but have huge issues at lvl 44, i feel my arcanist path is weak and not sure if I am leveling up this char in a fast/good manner.

any suggestion would help a lot.