[] Laser and Explosions Returns! - The AAR Sorcerer is Back!

WolfOverclocked, have you tried using the Blind Sage constellation? I have been using it on my AAR Sorceress and I really like it.

The Elemental Seekers add quite a bit of damage and also act like a form of AoE, hitting additional targets and stunning them. The energy burn is also useful on those big aetherial abominations in Act 5, once they are out of energy they can’t use their special attacks (which hit like a truck).

I think it’s boring. Really boring. So, I don’t play it.

Ultos, Elemental Storm, and Murmur woud all be options I’d shoot for since the beam would be purely elemental at that point.

I think Blind Sage wouldn’t work as well with my AAR set-up. It’s elemental-based and the requirements are way out there compared to what I’ve got.

Also, the Energy Burn was replaced.

As soon as I saw the patch notes mentioning AAR I thought “WolfOverclocked is gonna have a new thread…”. Not sure if they listened to your (constructive!) complaints about AAR or just came to their own conclusions, but either way it’s great to see they buffed it. AAR has always been one of my favourite skills just in concept and the visuals so it was a shame it got left behind for a time.

Returned to a level 85 sorc I haven’t touched since Malmouth dropped and started playing him again. Re-specced to your setup and it’s great - you’re definitely right RE the cooldown reductions being key to the sorc. It changes mirror from an “oh shit” button to a reliable form of defense. All the other defenses are key as well since casters are still quick to die, but it’s much easier to survive a few seconds between mirrors than to rely on those defenses full time. I do think it’s a bit of an issue that crowd control abilities fall off sharply late game but most RPG/ARPG do that these days, so kind of expected.

Really glad they changed Aetherreach gloves too, that was just ridiculous not having the proc.

Cheers for another great guide as well :slight_smile:

I put together an alternate devotion scheme with all 3 of Giant’s Blood, Dryad, and Tree of Life, plus Turtle and the big armor node in Obelisk of Menhir. And Bard’s Harp to solve energy problems for good. Would appreciate any feedback.


Obelist is pointless for caster armor build. Turtle is garbage, so is lizard. Try http://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2je5rmN this setup if you realy want all healing nodes.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

I’d only caution about silo-ing yourself here with defenses. Too much defense might make your character too weak. However, if it works for you, then by all means go ahead!

Build looks awesome, I definetely should try it. BTW, could you please post some thoughts on leveling? What skill to use before getting final gear, constellations path, some intermediate gear maybe.

Here’s me speedily leveling a Sorcerer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsmjnpeOgYQ&list=PLZgbv9keJuEfWPtm68liKNChbYYDlO_rg

I’ll put this playlist in the original post.

The tl;dr of it is to use OFF to clear trash mobs and get something like the nova attack from Cracked Lodestone to deal damage all while boosting your speed with Vindictive Flame.

Hey guys

I was wondering if the spellbinder or magehunter would be better for an AAR build

any toughts ?

Hey pal! Sorry if I bother you, but I have one question.
I followed your build back in the vanilla, some really awesome build you have and I really enjoied play with it.
I just recently got both the expansion and I tried to accomodate my sorc to the new patch, but there is something I don’t understand:
back in the days you used Reckless Power instead of Star Pact, which made a lot of sense due to the damage from AAR, Devastation and demo’s spell.
Now I see you started using much more demo’s spell, like the Thermite, and lowered the amount of point spend in Devastation… Now I can understand why you switched to Star Pact due to the lightning damage in Disintegration, but all the Demo’s spell, Devastation and AAR still use fire damage, which is not buffed by Star Pact. I do understand that SP buff lightning damage and 50% of aether damage get its buff as well due to the cold conversion, but I can’t shake the feeling that Reckless Power would bring more damage to the table.
May I ask you why this decision?

Sorry to say but I do not recommend following this guide now as there have been a lot of changes to the skill trees and items used over time that mean a lot of it would have to be revised.