[]After Burner Mage Hunter - Lock Your Target With Massive Fire Burn AoE - Rapid Ammo Reload

[]After Burner Mage Hunter - Take Down Your Target With Massive Fire Burn AoE

Bring back sweet memories, After Burner is one of retro Sega game around 90, one of my old school flight fighting aeroplane game beside Ace Combat on PlayStation :smiley:

Now our Hero will be as Aero Fighter flying on Cairn Skies shooting down Aetherial and Chthonian enemies…

Our fighter equipped with Rapid Ammunition Reload System (RARS) that allow us to shoot multiple fire strikes in short time… making a Fire-Burned Massacre…

(Pic taken on v1.0.3.1 Hangar)

First of all I wanna say thanks to Guvyer Smashy, a friend from Singapore, that help me completing the gear.
So this Aero Fighter is ready to launch…
Thanks friend ! (I know you like BoC run, but I prefer PV Run :p)

Need more raw material like Decree of Aldritch for making more new Fighters ^^

Rapid Ammunition Reload System (RARS) in our Fighter supported by :

We are also empowered by Secret Weapon that can reduce resistant of our enemies :

  • Elemental Storm (32 Elemental RR)
  • Eldritch Fire (23% Fire RR)
  • Viper (20% Reduce Elemental RR)
  • Inferno (19 Physical RR) --> This will make our Meteor Missiles hit Harder !

Our Fighter is armored by :

  • Maiven’s Sphere of Protection (20% Damage Absorption)
  • Conversion (Reduced Stun, Freeze, Petrify, Slow)
  • Aura of Conviction (15% Physical Resistance)
  • Bonus set of Iskandra’s Unification (16% Physical Resistance and 30% Pierce Resistance)
  • Iskandra’s Unity (18% Aether Resistance and 18% Elemental Resistance)
  • Arcane Resonance (15% Reduced Stun, Freeze, Entrapment, Petrify, Sleep Resistance)
  • Word of Renewal (10% Less Damage from Chthonics and Eldritch)
  • Inqusitor Seal (Damage Absorption and Health Regen)

That all give us easiness for capping resistances.

Combination of Aura of Conviction and Iskandra’s Bonus Set --> 15% Physical Resistance + 16% Physical Resistance = 31% Physical Resistance

Our Fighter also has a Trance Mode, immunity for 3 Second with 150% Damage Reflected to Enemies…

With this setup, we can facetank Fabius and Flames of Valbury without Trance Mode or Tonic of Mending…

For Mad Queen, since we have a lot of missiles, beware of her retaliation aura… She can gives us more missiles in return

Deadly Trio Port Valbury, Inquisitor Seal and Trance Mode help a lot here…
We have nice AoE, so you don’t have to worry

Master of Flesh, you can play cool maneuver there
Ruin of Malmouth will have more ashes…

Kuba, Shoot them with your Endless Missiles, Trance Mode needed here…

I don’t fly all over the Cairn with this Fighter
You can see it in action on video below…

Video :
Fabius, Mad Queen, Port Valbury, Cinder Wastes, Final Boss :

Kubacabra, the Endless Menace :


In Closing

[]Burning Sorceress - Shoot Down Your Enemies With Fire Burn AGM (Air to Ground Missile)

She is not Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII.
She’s just a Sorceress with Elemental Ray that can Summon Phoenix :smiley:

Flashbang, Blast Shield, Vindictive Flame, Mirror, Maiven’s Sphere, and Phoenix make this Fighter tanky enough.
She can facetank Mad Queen and Fabius with current setup.
Need to manuever on Kuba for avoiding its red pools.

Thermite Mine beside gives extra Fire RR, it also support as additional Fire/Burn Damage :slight_smile:

Video :
Kubacabra, Facetank Mad Queen n Fabius :

Grimtools :

[]Burning Obliteration Purifier - After Burner Burning Runner

(Pic taken on v1.0.3.2 Hangar)

I’m not trying bringing back Ellone from Final Fantasy VIII :smiley:
Different from Sorceress Edea above (on post #2)
This time Ellone will summon Phoenix Clearly, no Maiven’s Sphere fading the Phoenix Appearance ^^

Purifier is suitable for Burning Builds, Flames of Ignafar Builds seems Cool.
Flames of Ignafar range unfortunately is not as far as Obliteration or AAR.

In this build, we play hit n run playstyle : locking target, burning run, fire obliteration beam, close range caster fighter playstle.

We can’t fully facetanking everything, Purifier doesn’t have Mirror and Nullification.
Though, with several layer of defense, we can make Hit n Run tactic works, and facetank for some amount of times.

Our Skills act as Defensive and Offensive Tools simultaneously.
(Left Defense - Right Offense)
From Demolitionist we have :

  • Flashbang as CC - Reduce massive enemy DA
  • Blackwater Cocktail will reduce large portion of enemy OA - also as Burning AoE and Flat RR
  • Blast Shield has Damage Absorption, Resistances, Avoid Projectiles, - Gives Fire Retaliation
  • Thermite Mine help clearing trash - Fire RR

From Inquisitor :

  • Word of Renewal, our main healing Skills, Health, Aether-Chaos Resist, - Boosting Elemental Damage
  • Inquisitor Seal, together with Blast Shield and Phoenix, they provide nice damage absorption - Inquisitor Seal’s Arcane Empowerment gives flat Elemental Damage, boosting to All Damage, % Crit Damage.

It is important for our toon to Standing inside Inquisitor Seal during fighting.
Flashbang and Inquisitor Seal combo will increase our damage significantly.

  • Aura of Conviction, this Inquisitor Exclusive Skills mainly choose for it’s Physical Resistance.
    It also gives Flat OA, and boosting to Burn Damage.
    With 100% Armor Absorption + 30% Physical Resist, this will gives us strong layer of defense.

For more Offensive, we can change to Aura of Censure (Burn Damage + More Elemental RR). Off course we’ll less on defense.

From Devotion we have :
Defensive :

  • Behemoth + Chariot of the Death = nice combo for defensive layer
  • Bard’s Harp = health, OA/DA, and the important one is Energy Regen (we have a lot of skills that consumes a lot energy)
  • Harvestman’s Scythe = Health/Energy + Health/Energy regen
  • Phoenix = Damage Absorption, Health, HP regen

Offesnive :

  • Ulzuin’s Torch = Meteor Shower for Damage Dealer + AoE
  • Solael’s Witchblade = Fire RR
  • Viper = Elemental RR
  • Phoenix = Fire/Burn + Fire Retaliation.

For more offensive setup devotion, you can change Behemoth/Chariot of the Death to Fiend. It will increase clearing speed, but less defense.

It’s important to throw Flashbang, Blackwater Cocktail, and Inqusitor Seal in Right Position!
Blackwater Cocktail will trigger Phoenix, combine with Inquisitor Seal, Blast Shield + Giant’s Blood/Wayward Soul, we’ll have tanky moment as long as we have it active and inside their radius.
Flashbang will helps on CC department.

  • Start by locking target with Blazing Charge Running (Skills from Korvaak’s Deception), or
  • You can throw Flashbang and Blackwater Cocktail, Charge, place Inqusitor Seal, and start Other Skills + Obliteration Ray, Repeat

Video :
Mad Queen, Fabius, Alexander, Grava

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

With recent buff to Aura of Censure, we should change Exclusive Skills to it.
It will give us more DPS due to % Elemental RR

Perhaps if I have more spare time, I’ll try to make an update using Aura of Censure to this Build

In Closing :

Thanks to some Friends so I have this New After Burner Aero Fighter :smiley:

Updated, New Kuba Video uploaded.

Added New Fighter on 2nd post.
Burning Sorceress Edea :slight_smile:

Added New Fighter on 3rd post.
After Burner Burning Runner :slight_smile:

Nice dedication :smiley:

I would recommend IK set for burn focus over Iskandra though, talking about the Sorceress

Oh and Myth. Wyrmbone gloves are electrocution focused gloves. Use the old one

Youtube just sent me a notification about one your video, congratz TZ you’re a famous person now.

Thanks for gloves advice :slight_smile:

Iskandra has more energy regen, and easy for capping resistances.
I don’t use bwc on the sorceress, playing with ct and thermite mine.

What do you think about IK energy regen?

Thanks Friend !
Btw we have exactly same time zone :wink:

I know you don’t which is why I suggest you to use it for Burn focus imo BWC would be very good

As for IK energy regen imo if you focus solely on DoTs then energy isn’t as bad as it is for spam BWC

Great Videos but pleeeeaaaaase…open the damned stashes when you kill the nemesis! I´m curious! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice and flashy builds.

For mage hunter.

Any specific reason you didnt put more points in maiven sphere to have it 20/12 for +3%global damage as well +3 damage absorb?

6 points you need easilly found in arcane will (1pt), mental alactricity (3pts) 3% cast speed is hardly noticable and dont seems you have energy issue and artifact handling (2pts) you lose 0.1 cd 1% global damage and 2 crit damage or few skills from conversion.

Nice theme :slight_smile:

I could never beat After Burner…

Hmm I see, nice point there.
Fortunately Obliteration energy is not like AAR in old past days :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ll do it on my next videos :smiley:

Yes, thanks to point it out !
It should be like this http://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gWr3W2

More points on Maiven’s Sphere, it will has more damage absorption and also more damage (Total Damage Modified less minus) :wink:


Me too :smiley:

So I’ve been building the mage hunter, and I was wondering why Meteor Shower isn’t linked to any skills in the devotion screen? Same with Fissure.

Thanks for noticing me
I already updated the correct grimtools link on first page
Meteor Shower was bound to Chaos Strike and Fissure to Obliteration

Here’s the grimtools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRRGwvZ

Cheers :slight_smile: