[] Bleeding Trickster…everything bleeds!

its all very confusing here, i was under the impression that flat dmg on the weapons themselves, count as flat dmg on other gear and is added to both hands. for instance , the +200 from bloodsong and +300 from gorefeast is equiv of having +500 flat dmg on your gear and applies to hits with both weapons.

whether each individual hand hit count as a different stacking source of bleed, ie. does execution magnify 250% or 500% is what i was unsure about.

according to OP’s test they seem to stack. i thought they didn’t but based on the DOT number he is achieving with the build it would seem they have to? (in my stormreaver build, with much higher total flat electrocute dmg and similar %magnifier, my biggest dot was 450k on dummy, much less than the op’s biggest dot, makes me think its because of each hand counting as diff source)

on a side note - it seems the blue weapons escaped the DOT fix on the purples. atm alot of blue weapons have much bigger flat DOT than purples, ie. gorefeast 300 and bloodsong 200, and also sparkbolt arbalest has a much bigger dot than stormreaver.

i’m wondering if there will be another round of fix/nerf to the blues :frowning:

No no, I think it’s x2.5. (2nd Option)

1st Option would be way too much, I think.

Bloody impressive. 11 out of 10000.

Shouldn’t you say “What a BLOODY DISPLAY” or whatever?


OP, where are the bloody videos with your BLOODY DISPLAY? Is this really the best you can do? :mad:

Bloody Display… Bloody Videos… :smiley:

Okay, now I´m totally confused, too.

I will give some ingame numbers, somebody can do the mats (Ryzel?).

Execution: 271 %, MH max. 25.000 Damage, OH max. 28.000 Damage

Other sources of DoTs:
Whirling Death: 11.000 over 5 sec + 8.800 over 3 sec from Bloodsong
Circle of Slaughter: 7.000 over 3 sec
Direwolf Claw: 9.000 over 3 sec
Belgothian´s Shears 8.800 over 3 sec from Bloodsong
Falcon Swoop 13.200 over 3 sec
Rend 8.400 per sec
Devouring Swarm 2.000 per sec
Grasping Vines 800 per sec
Howl of Mogdrogen 5.580 over 3 sec
Bloodrage 4.650 over 3 sec
Bloodspine over 3 sec

Bleeding Damage: 7.000 - 8.100
Bleeding % with only Blood Pact: 2.222 %
Bleeding % with all up and procc: 2.222 % + 145 % Battle Cry + 275 % HoM + 300 % Bloodrage + 1.000 % Gorefeast Procc = nearly 4.000 %

Hope, that helps. :undecided:

i think the way to test this is:

  1. unbind all ur procs, dont cast any buff. take off both weapons. change them to 2x plain white weapon with no bleed on either.

  2. remove all gear, except for 2 white weapons. now your only source of flat bleed damage is from your devotions.

  3. cast shadowstrike with both weapons equipped. (without any point in nightfall or NJE.

  4. cast shadowstrike with only one weapon.

  5. is the 2 weapon SS applying 2x bigger dot than the 1 weapon SS?

Tested it. The DoT is exactly the same with one or 2 weapons.

Now the interesting fact:
When using 1 weapon and only auto-attack (Savagery), I will get a dot for roughly 2.400. Using 2 weapons, the DoT will double.

did you unspec your DW procs? cuz u can trigger execute/direwolf proc etc with DW but not if only using 1H

This. You’d need to unspec out of your dual wield abilities and remove any dual wield procs. Preferably don’t use Savagery either, just normal autos.

D´oh…it´s late…

@ Ryzel:

It should be easy to test, whack a dummy once with one white weapon to see listed Bleed damage @ 100% modifier, then equip 2 and proc Execution and see if it’s x2.5 or x5. If you could let me know that would be awesome!

I don´t really understand, how to do this. If I equip only one white weapon, the listed bleeding (sheet) is 0. :confused:

dont u have some flat bleed dmg from devotions?

Not with 1 weapon, it seems. :confused:…(Edit: I´m with stupid…equipped only OH…)

Did a last test (have to get some sleep):

  1. Naked, 2 White weapons, only 1 point DW, Bleed Damage from Devotions: 610–> Highest Dot, roughly 1.000.

  2. Naked, 2 White Weapons, only 1 point DW, Bleed Damage from Devotions: 610; Execution: 250 %–> Highest DoT roughly 2.800.

Should be x 2.5 then. The difference are from different Crit-Multiplicators imho.

Added short video…

Thanks man, I really wanted a dual wield bleeding build and this looks like a lot of fun! I noticed that some of the devotion skills like Howl of Mogdrogen and Flacon swoop haven’t been bound. Is it because of the lack of active skills to bind them to or am I missing something?

Thanks for the build. I was looking for something like it for some time…

No, everything is fine. I forgot to bind it new after I couldn´t bind it to Seal of Blades any longer. Bind Falcon Swoop to Devouring Swarm and Howl of Mogdrogen to Shadow Strike, works really fine for me.

I really wanted to hunt Grava´Thul tonight and try to make a video. But my PC crashed and I don´t think, my laptop will suffice…:frowning:

Thanks for the info!
Turn all the graphics settings down and hunt that bastard! :smiley:

Added some videos for those, who are interested.

Nothing special, messed up van Aldritch (forgot to push the button), Alkamos (accidentally stopped video to early) and Mad Queen (Died…).

Still have to hunt Grava´Thul.