[] Callidor's Time Lord (WIP Mage Hunter)

So I’ve been leveling my first character after expansion (no previous gear) who started out as some sort of 2h melee templar type of deal with full phys to fire/ele conversion. I had used CT with the transmuter as a 2 point wonder with the 2h but the skill felt pretty nice on its own so I decided to build around that and go for fire/lightning CT with Stormseer Saphire. However just using CT started to seem mildly boring and I had some cooldown reduction that I was mainly using for defense so adding devastation seemed natural. Instead of just converting CT to lightning it became something of a necessity to convert all of that aether damage to lightning to get the most out of the skills and devotions.

This could be my final form:

At the moment the character is lvl 90 and lacking a bunch of gear, but it can facetank and grind down most stuff without too many issues. This is still obviously a project in the works so I’m very interested to hear what suggestions and improvements you guys have!

My biggest concern at the moment is the potentially fairly low (41, 59 if you bother with blessed steel) RR. But I’m hoping that having the damage split fairly equally between fire/lightning will help to counter that… except against mobs that resist both lightning and fire a lot.

“a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything? This seems to be 2/2 topic I’ve posted that hasn’t been replied to, starting to think I’m persona non grata here or something…