[] vit decay cabalist.

https://youtu.be/M4pOW5qusWA (madqueen+sent/shar)

get Mythical Greaves of Ill Omens and Mythical Dread Knight’s Legplates for no MIs, its almost as good, just 2k hp lower.
you can play around with devotion cause they all so similar.

Good videos. I would put 1 point in Black Death since you are using Bloody Pox so often and you have tonns of + poison damage.

Maybe even ditch Sigil of Consumption completely in favour of more points in Bloody Pox since you have a lot of attacking skills already.

ive been working on that for awhile, and trust me u dont want them to flee everywhere, it increase the time u have to chase them after and lower ur adcth cause of it, i like to face tank and speed clear.
as for sigil its a nice extra regen just for 5 points i think, some fight r tough cause of low da when u want to face tank.

Ah, good point, I just have a Vitality caster in a form of conjurer (with low cd doom bolt) and I don’t mind having extra confuse proc. But you have a different setup, understandable.

Nice build. For medal I think a good rolled Rylok Mark is better :D, too bad it is hard to find one.

It is annoying that in Crucible fleeing mobs often run back to their spawn points, or even worse they stuck behind the treasure door.

Great build!

Added to my list of powerful AoM builds

hey, can you give me an insight about how to level up using this build? Which are the core abilities to do it?


Yep, that is correct.
I have similar setup, tho with different devos and transmuted DEE instead of sigil and reap spirit. Transmuted DEE helps a loot in tanking issues cuz of 18% phys dmg shred and also adds nice chunk od dps.

This is generally my problem with Vitality Decay atm, it’s just not good w/o conversion from a single item
I am looking into BA and BWC for Decay but I doubt they can beat Blood Orb Decay builds

Btw, good job OP