[] Wrath of Callidor: Return of the Glorious Melee Sorcerer (u)(c+)(g3)(vid)

Great build.
Added it.

It is reasonably powerful :wink:

can you do a Video of Mogdrogen? I can survive him, when i stay at distance with an old AAR Sorc (debuffing his ellemental dmg with nullification, capped Lightning resist,perma freeze his Pets,…). But i cant kill him because AAR can´t get throug all his pets. I think it´s pretty impossible to become crit immune to mogdrogen in a solo game with a non Tank char, so can you survive his meel crits?

I can try, but I am not sure this build can kill a Celestial. But ye, will try it sometime.

nice build!

but very energy consuming. And is Arcane currents that good? Spear of heavens would have made a huge boost here imo.

I actually almost never have energy problems, arcane spark + high regen + harp make sure of that. Spear of Heavens would require a totally different devotion setup, one that involves Time Dilation, and I don’t want another time dilation mirror build (although it might make it 150-170 viable). And Arcane Currents are quite strong, yes.

looks very good, im gonna try the spellbinder vershion of this build.
one question: why go with Star Pact and not with Reckless Power?
thanks :slight_smile:

More cooldown reductions results in more damage - faster Devastation, faster Phoenix, faster everything. Plus, faster mirror. Spellbinder version should be much stronger.

thanks for the answer, far as i know skill cooldown reduction will not effect devotion skills and item skills, only skills from skill tree, im not sure that its worth investment for devastation and mirror, since its only 11% reduce…
will have to check it when im higher lvl :slight_smile:

thanks, make sense now :smiley:

Right, made a little (major) update to devotions, changed boots, and it can almost kill Gladiator 150-170 now. But because Crate decided that Spellbinders are now masters of Aether and not only they have disgusting amount of flat Aether and RR but they also have two immortality skills that they can easily chain together, CT sorcerers play second fiddle. But hey, you can clear 130-150 with no buffs with it. It is a fun build to play tho, requires a lot of skill in timing Blast Shield/Mirror/Time Dilation rotation. That is if you play late waves in Crucible Gladiator, against everything else this build is pretty much unkillable (except Ravager ofc).

EDIT: And added kickass transmog!

Is there any reason to pick Harp? I see it more like :
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j0JPrZ this, or with better boots but disruption protection pants. And I would probably switch star pact for Reckless powa or at least test both , cause w/o CDR on helm and weapon 13% CDR from star pact is not that good.

Harp is a super solid constellation. With high CDR it’s high up to 80% of the time in Crucible. Nods are great too. What you suggested is basically worse for high end Crucible, imo, but really not that different from the original setup.

hi new player here any idea about what gear to farm to make elite mode easier? normal was pretty easy.ty.and maybe how the skill pages+devotion should look at lvl 50?

Hello. You can level pretty easily using ranged firestrike if you have 2 Deviltongue pistols for example. But Elite should not be hard anyway, just make sure your resists are not lower than 60, and that you are dealing one type of damage that is supported by some kind of resist reduction (fire would be the obvious choice here).

for CT does the weapon base damage make difference or we need a high %ele dmg weapon with cast speed ?

I’d say it’s pretty important! Good thing is that there are quite a few aether based weapons with cast speed

Great build, it can kill the grove boss and the AoM Cthonic Nemesis with minimal kiting. Cheers!

I am glad you liked it! I would still recommend Spellbinder for this setup. For sorc you can try my super tanky burn/cataclysm sorc