[] AoM CDR Primal Spirit Conjurer (budget HC leveling)

Hopefully now I have hit 3 posts I can post my grimcalc:


As you can see - pretty bad!

Why don’t you use components and factions augments (don’t be greedy with iron, sell all greens and yellows to get more iron, that helps a lot at the beginning)? That’s the best way to cap resistances. Well 93 level… not bad at all. How fast was that? At this point you can try farming act 5-6 on Elite to get better gear. No need to rush really with the first char :slight_smile:
Ps. Put a point in Oak Skin :wink:
Ps2. You have modified the devotion setup, it’s okish

Thanks for the advice. I have found a couple of new items now which Have added back some pet damage. Namely a amulet (although I lose a pet - he wasn’t very good), some shoulders that seem really nice and a belt that is meh but better than what I had!


Resistances are much better except vitality which is now terrible! I think Death’s Vigil sells an augment that will help once I hit revered. Only a 1000 or so points away.

Is there a way to tell game time on a character in GD? I know PoE has one but didn’t know if this does. I would think a lot longer than you though!

I’ll put a point in oak skin next - didn’t realise I had a +2 to it.

I have a couple of devotion re-spec potions so can easily re-do it. I’ve enjoyed playing around with a few extra skills / devotions atm. Just trying to figure out what does / doesn’t work. Once my gear become more optimised I’ll switch over to your skill / devotion setup as I’m sure you have min / maxed it to a great degree.

With regards to farming acts 5 or 6 in elite is the Necrolord’s Gaze an AoM specific drop that will only drop in acts 5 and 6? I think getting the blueprint for that will make a massive difference in keeping the Primal Spirit up. As you say, it totally wrecks stuff and the difference between having him up and not up is massive. I normally just pop him for elites or tanky enemeies atm.

Thanks again for the help :slight_smile:

Ad. 1 - really, you should use components… without them… you won’t be able to cap resistances. You can check what components you can craft for every piece of gear - just check in the grimtools item database -> click on the certain item piece, than click “Components” tab in the top menu.
You can craft this stuff with the help of blacksmith NPC.
Best for you will be: Runestone, Sanctified Bone etc. You can purchase the blueprints in Rovers or Homestead Faction Vendor.
See the link here for example: https://www.grimtools.com/db/category/helms/components
Some of the components are also great for pets.

Ad. 2 Tab number III in the char stats menu - scroll to the bottom, you will see there all of the lifetime stats of your char

Ad. 3 Unfortunately Necrolord’s Gaze and Mythical Necrolord’s Gaze are random drops… but I highly recommend farming:

Act 5 - for great rings and rouglike dungeon Ancient Grove (beware the final boss! he can easily one-shot you on Ultimate) - there is a vendor for unique recipes - maybe there you will find Necrolord’s Gaze (not sure about Mythical version though). You can farm this area even on Elite - drop is also very good and it’s much faster this way but maybe on SC mode it doesn’t really matter. Try to keep bosses and champions >lvl 94 so they can drop mythical legendaries.

Act 6 - for great Shoulders - great resistances etc.

Also check-out Port Valbury. It’s easy to farm with pet builds.

That’s my actual setup for HC, I’m farming act 5 and 6 Elite with it now:
Look at the components and augments applied to my items.

This setup is far from optimal but I’m able to farm rouge-like dungeons easily (and very, very fast!), so sooner or later I’ll get all the items I need. Maybe I start to trade one day to get some more…

Thank you very much for the advice.

Ad. 1 : I’ve done this now and so I am now capped on basically everything.


Looks like there is lots of components I have yet to get the blueprints for but I should be able to optimise quite a bit more when I do.

Ad. 2: Lvl 95 and a bit. A little over 62 hours so far. With 10 deaths!! XD

Ad. 3: Honestly that is almost better for me since I don’t have access to Ultimate AoM yet. I figured Log in Ultimate would be fairly bad considering my level of gear and total lack of knowledge of the fight. I’ll just hope it drops at some point.

I’ve not tried any of the rogue-likes yet. I may give them a go on Elite first. I saw somebody doing Bastion of Chaos and it looked really nasty! I’ll get Port Valbury unlocked though and try that too.

Thanks again.

I’ve added leveling guide for HC ritualist.

Check this out if you are interested in pet build:

Ritualist version is so much FUN to play… almost like a piano :wink:

Hello, I am looking to start playing the game Grim Dawn. And I really enjoy the summoner archetype. So I stumbled upon this thread - I wanted to ask a few things about starting.

So what do I do ? I just try to hit em with my weapon (early on) while my pet is beating them? Also what about attribute prority? Where do I put my points (I think mostly health?)

Any other general tips u can give to an absolute beginner who wants to try a build that can let him see all the game has to offer?

Summoner is very easy to play and level up. General tips:

  • max one pet first, familiar or birathorn
  • for every 3 skill points you get, when level up, put two points into bottom bar of the choosen class, and one point into skills
  • cap your realistances at 80 as soon as possibile
  • your only dmg dealers are pets, char is only for buffing and debuffing
  • put 90% of points in the char stat-sheet into physique, always left 10 points to add to other stats when needed (when changing offhand etc)
  • most valuable stats on items: flat vitality points, realistances, bonusses to pets (attack speed, %dmg), phys resistances

And that’s basically it for clearing normal veteran. When you unlock Elite, that’s the point when you will have lot more questions :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Thank you for your answer. That is what I am doing so far. Game seems very interesting and nice.
I had 1 question - I am looking at your build for each level and at lvl 30 u get “Swampdweller’s Legguards”

But it doesn’t say anywhere where do they drop? How can I find out about them ( and maybe other items) where to look for them when they have no specified drop location in the grimtools database?

Also can u tell me which devotion point groups to take in order?

Q1 - Where to find that item? - Well it’s a totally random drop… so It wouldn’t be that easy… it can drop everywhere from mobs around item level. You can check every item on grimtools.com. Every item there has it’s own page: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/1428 Some of them are drops from certain bosses, and some of them are just random. Grimtools is always the best source to check that out. Examples of other items around level 30: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8083 this has list of mobs to kill,
some of then can be crafted from smiths: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/1046 etc.
You don’t need to stick with my item choices… you can be good with just some yellow and greens. I use blue stuff, because I have dropped some of them during gameplay and they have summoner stats on it (or just for higher resistances, health etc.) - that’s it, nothing really special about them :slight_smile: That’s so good about this build. You can start from empty stash… Many people here on the forum says that it’s harder to find MI, but it’s exactly the opposite… is so much easier to find MI… because you know where to look for it… It’s hard to find very good MI and it’s by the design… it’s something great in Grim Dawn. Easy to build basic build, hard to find perfect items for endgame. Such a good itemization! So much better than other ARPGS on the market.

Q2 - Devotions hmmm… well I’ve been just looking for pet stats… health… and resistances, like on items :slight_smile: I don’t think there is some magic, best route to collect all the constalations. Just try a bit here and there… and have fun with the stars :slight_smile: You can always change your mind… going to Sahida NPC: https://www.grimtools.com/map/markers/npcs/596.

Take Care!
GP. The build is still going strong. My current setup:


My first youtube video ever (LOL) - AoM CDR Primal Spirit Conjurer vs. Gargabol:

Wrogi Boss Zabity!!

My first ever final boss for FoG with this build:


The fight was… short :wink:

Can you show your build in another site (grimtools down at the moment) or in a gif/pictures?

I AM sorry but I cant. You have to wait for grimtools.

nice job. btw there are so many nice new items with bleeding support. i hope you will update your build 1 day. i’m working on the same concept right now.

I don’t have time for this right now. If you’ll test something stronger/new/simillar, please put a GT link here :slight_smile:

Uber Elite is doing stuff with bleed, he has a post but I am not allowed to link it lol

Who or what is uber elite?

I thought you knew him Maya, he’s around in the pet builds posts, he’s the Poe/GD streamer