[]Chaos damage Pyromancer Making Build

Chaos damage Pyromancer Making build

Please feedback!!!

Youtube : https://youtu.be/R5ihFxGgX7I

GrimTools : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDOKBzV

Looks like a solid build to me. I have been wondering, why you have all these defensive / healing constallations, and if you could not replace Turtle or Dryad by Eye of the Guardian or Fiend. That was until I realized, that you need some Primordial affinity and your acid / poison resist is not capped.

How does it fare in the new areas and against nemesis bosses?

How can an occultist have not maxed poison resist ?
You need more point blood of dreeg upgrade. Remove anything you want !

You need more pierce and poison resists. Thankfully you have a few more skillpoints avaliable for the poison resists

Consider crafted stonehide boots to bring up your resists. Or rare legs. Losing 2 to solaels won’t kill you…but currently fabius might.