[] Full Aether AAR Spellbinder / Mage Hunter

Yes, you’re welcome mate :slight_smile:
Thanks to you too, so I can tried the Druid Version :wink:


I was wondering if spellbinder or sorcerer would be better for that kind of build
Any toughts ?

Spellbinder has more Aether RR (Resist Reduction) and Foul Eruption Flat RR
Sorceress can use Flat RR from Agonizing Flames

Beside Arcanist Maiven’s Sphere, Nullification, and Mirror :
Sorceress has Blast Shield, BWC (For OA Reduction), Flashbang CC for Defense
Spellbinder has Ravenous Earth, Ill Omen, Blight Fiend, Mark of Torment for Defensive Layer

Sorceress tend to have lower HP than Spellbinder (Thanks to Spectral Binding health bonus)

Overall Spellbinder has more aether support (Siphon Souls can be turned into Aether Damage, Spectral Binding gives bonus to Aether Damage)

Try and feel what skills that make you comfortable
You don’t need to choose them all :slight_smile:

I’m leveling an AAR Spellbinder and I love it. I had this build in mind; I’m glad it’s endgame viable.
Great Guide, thanks.

Yes Spellbinder is more than viable for endgame.
Glad that you like it :slight_smile:

Hey Tz, very nice build.
Did you try it in Crucible?

Thanks :slight_smile:
I don’t have Crucible dlc

I like the spellbinder build, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out your devotions path. Can you please explain?


Devotion Path already added on first post :wink:

is it easier to level this build as arcanist first or a necromancer?

Sorry if the question seems dumb but how do I know with you build where to put my skills points & how many?
and about devotion when you say “quill” you mean complete quill or just put 1 point? and when you say “remove eel” it means remove all point in “eel”?

I’m very novice and it’s a bit hard to understand…

This is an old build.

but yes, when we say "quill"we mean the entire constellation and same when we say “remove eel” it means get rid of the entire constellation.

thanks for the answer, is there more recent builds then?

Edit: i’m looking for a mage hunter as full aether as possible but don’t realy find how to build it.

Compendium http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=679722#post679722

How many level 100 builds do you have? IF you are new, I can help you more

Oh I’m so very new xD. I just bought the game, I lost my saves so I had to begin again.
I only have one character a mage hunter LvL 26 and not very powerful yet.
For the moment I play with aether ray but not agains ignifar flame or panety missiles.
And to be honest when I look at the builds here I don’t understand what skills to use and how many points put in it and which order… So yes help gladly appreciated thks.

Look in the beginner build section here http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79419

if you wanna do aether damage, I can suggest my spellbinder. I could make a Mage Hunter version but nah not worth it, you wanna restart.

95% of the builds posted on this forum is end-game builds that require many special items to work at all.

Why isn’t it worth it? Is the mage hunter not good for end game?
Anyway if I don’t do mage hunter I would have to do a new character again
So what you suggest is that for now I play with a build fo beginners?

level 23 is like 1 hour playing. You need more items to make a good end-game mage hunter than any of the builds that are posted in the “beginner” section (that is why they are beginner friendly)

Look at what is posted there and see if there is anything you seem to like. There are casters, melee builds, ranged and pet builds posted there.

Ok thanks I’ll try one with the arcanis in it
Edit: well there is only one & it’s your Spellbinder xD.
Edit2: “Do not use the Transmuter and Inferno” I dont understand what you mean the thing I shouldn’t use is “wraith of Agravix” or “Inferno”?

I have tried to make budget Panetti and Albrecht ray Mage Hunters, but they are not as easy to pull off with limited gear unfortunately… hopefully someone else will try to make a budget guide for mage hunters - myself have given up on that :slight_smile: