[] After Burner Ignaffar's - Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver / Mage Hunter / Vindicator

Hey TZ Tz,

What do you think about a Chaos Ignaffar Deceiver build?

I’d love to see your take on that. :smiley:

just read through your build seems pretty cool think i will try it out

Yup, tested it with Blood Orb of Ch’thon, also there’s FOI Tainted Flame modifier
Need further test, I’ll works on it after I finished updating this thread.
A friend was asking me about that Elementalist :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Updated Mage Hunter and Purifier images / grimtools on first page :slight_smile:

Been working on my own purifier, he’s quite tanky though energy regen has tanked a bit since I switched away from tome of arcane wastes.


167k sheet dps on flames while standing on seal
38% phys res

Designed for and played on hardcore :smiley:

Hi, actually I already tried it on
Please pardon me, I forgot to post reply (too focused on Elementalist that day)

Here’s the Chaos Ignaffar Deceiver version (Already tested, but I didn’t make video) :

Physical Ignaffar Deceiver :

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice, here’s the full grimtools link :

You may want to increase Stun Resist, you can use Leathery Hide on Helm or Nice Boots with Stun Resist

*Aura of Conviction is good choice for more defensive route
It has Physical Resistance, but if you want more dps, Aura of Censure can provides some Elemental RR :slight_smile:

how is the mage hunter build?

Here’s Flames of Ignaffar Mage Hunter

in it got several Buffs :

  • it surely have additional defensive layer from Aura of Censure’s Damage Reduction
  • Mageslayer Set buff increasing dps
  • Flames of Ignaffar: increased Fire damage scaling at ranks 13-16

So it overall get very nice Buff :slight_smile:

Updated New Build on First Page :

[] Elemental Cataclysm Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver - Hot Shocking FOI Caster


Cheers :slight_smile: