[] Defiler of Justice: Not Your Typical DW-melee Build (u) (c) (g3) (vid)

Great build, thank you for posting it!
One question: Why did you put a point into Siphon Souls? There is no devotion to proc from it and I didn’t notice you using it once in the Fleshworks video. In what situation do you find it useful?

I am still not sure about this one, but it seem to offer a little heal in crowded spots in Crucible. Its damage gets converted to Fire too.

Updated Grimtools (moved around some skill points, just little polish). Uploaded a new video of Grava’Thul fight (finally got the infamy). A little bit wonky since I haven’t played this char for a while, but overall it’s pretty easy. Just run away when he starts casting nullification and facetank him rotating Blast Shield and Mark of Torment when he does not. Haunted Steel switch setup is recommended for this fight.

Maybe I’m just missing something, but why Master of Death when you have no pets?

OA and DA.

And Vitality resistance.

Because this guy defiles Justice and bring death to everything around him ofc

great build … switched from demo to ur defiler on lvl 70. now its very smooth
:smiley: :rolleyes:

thought about devotion
eel instead of sailors guide and take 3. nod in obelisk of menhir to gain +70 DA + 150 armor?
u’ll lose 30 physique, 18% Freeze + slow duration

and if u get more points in FS it’ll increase the % weapon damage … isnt that better than overmaxing brimstone?

Slow/Freeze resistance is scarse on this build, I would not give up Sailor’s Guide since you already have a lot of armor and DA (enough to facetank MQ with one Haunted Steel and clear 130-150 w/o buffs and banners). Plus it gives 3% physical resistance which I would not be giving up since we have so much armor to make use of it.

Not sure about Firestrike vs Brimstone, but my understanding is that overcapping Brimstone is more damage, but I might be wrong since it’s a melee Brimstone, not a ranged one. Need expert’s opinion here :slight_smile:

Nice build! Tried to make a build for Blazeheart myself, but failed. Good job!

Yo Lee. Does the fully pumped bone harvest really do more flat damage than pumping the FS line?

Also, why not give up the investment in agonizing flames for elemental storm?

Lastly, is light of empyrion better than spring maiden?

Yes, Bone Harvest’s flat damage rules. Plus it adds flat cold, which is NOT completely irrelevant to us.

If I give up Agonizing Flames (which is just 8 points investment), I will have to change my whole devotion map. Plus Agonizing Flames is more convinient, since I always use transmuted BWC as supplementary damage/enemy’s OA+damage shred. And those 8 points won’t do much, just cap Fire Strike I guess (I don’t like overcapping it that much, it has serious diminishing returns as level 1 skill).

The reason I took Light of Empyrion over Spring Maiden? I don’t know, really, never considered Maiden for this build. My rule of thumb when making builds: try and avoid celestial procs with high cooldown on builds with no CDR. On my builds like Ultos Druid and my Emperor’s Archmage sorc sure, I ll take Inspiration, I ll take Reckless Tempest, etc. But with 0 CDR utility of such devotion procs is seriously gimped. So I try and choose procs that will have no cooldown (like Flame Torrent) or little cooldown.

Plus this build can’t do Crucible after 150 and not meant too.

Thanks lee. Interesting use of a defiler btw.

Care to update this build @mad_lee? Seems like Blazeheart got buffed in 1.1.3 and I want to dust off my old defiler.

I’ve been fiddling around for the past couple of hours on how to maximize this build. This is what I came up with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w260538Z

GT is unfortunately not yet updated but this is what the build looks like in-game

All the flat damage from the changes to the augments and the new skillmods on Blazeheart is awesome. From a quick run through the campaign, mobs melt easily and -30% fire res on Siphon Skills is just too sweet.

Also changed Master of Death to Harbinger of Souls. I figured the extra life steal and attack speed are more valuable than the OA/DA and vit res. As you can see from the screens, the build already has very high OA/DA even with the change.

Edit: Can someone teach me how to link web images in the new forum? The old method doesn’t seem to work.

Edit2: After a bit more tinkering, Mythical Boots of Ill Omen is probably a better fit for the boot slot. Can’t be bothered to update the image and GT link :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a neat update. This is a very old build and defiler is not the class you want for melee unfortunately. In fact, I am not sure what one even want Defiler for. I remade mine into Clayrvoiant Aether BWC + Reap Spirit Defiler that worked pretty well. But recent changes to Clairvoyant kind of killed it. So I am theorycrafting something based on Blightlord, but I am yet to test it.

thats actually pretty damn cool, with some more armor and/or physical resistance that could probably even tackle higher shards. shame the mythic justice set has such tiny physical resist on :frowning:

Unfortunately, you’re right about the phys res problem. I can add more phys res like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7Boqa2 but stun res and resist overcaps take a substantial hit in the process.

Maybe craft for armor bonus instead of physique on helm and rings for 3K+ armor rating to compensate? And take out Scales for Lotus and Obelisk like so https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkKnoRN

I’ll play around with the different setups and see which variant I like best.