[] DW Reaper help


while I read this forum from at least one year and a half, I am new, and this is my first post. I recently tried to play a dual wield cold/vitality Reaper. The character works quite well (I’m still veteran, and still lvl 25), but I have no clue concerning Devotions (which, although playing a lot, is not yet the least bit clear to me…). Since I am still levelling, can anyone help me about which Devotion to choose and perhaps which relic at this level would be best?

Thank you very much in advance!

I’m kinda new also but it seems like for all elemental/aether/vitality/chaos/pierce damage builds you’d want to get the resist penetration, if you are focusing on vitality, then acid spray + will of rattosh, if you are focusing on cold then elemental storm/rumor/viper.

Could Crane and Harpy be useful? I am very low in poison and vitality resistance.