[] Physical IT Paladin Death Knight - Satria Baja Hitam - 24s Grava, Fabius, Iron Maiden, MQ

[] Physical Internal Trauma Paladin Death Knight - Satria Baja Hitam - Cool Looking DK ^^



Video :
>>> 24s Grava
>>> Facetank Fabius, Iron Maiden, Mad Queen

Grimtools :
>>> Grimtools Link

This Cool Looking DK utilizes almost all Soldier skills except Cadence

It only uses 2 passive Skills from Necromancer mastery :
Spectral Binding - Spectral Wrath

This time, I use Full 1 Handed Non Tremor Forcewave combine with Clean Sweep Laceration Blade Arc as Damage Dealer

Overguard also gives increasing Damage when active, thanks to this Commando gloves Mythical Colossal Grasp

Compare with a Tactician, this DK has more RR from Necromancer’s Spectral Wrath

The concept is deal Physical Internal Trauma Damage from several sources, supported by good enough OA and Blindside DA shred for triggering Crit Damage, while defense with Soldier Tanky Skills, Devotion Procs, and DA

Our Damage will be boosted by Physical RR from :

  • War Cry - Break Morale
  • Spectral Wrath
  • Open Hand of Mercy
  • Assassin’s Mark
    Rings could be changed to another rings that provides Physical RR like Ring of the Black Matriarch or Elemental Harmony Rings (Since we have Elemental to Physical Conversion)

We can use The Pummeler as weapon, it will give additional IT Damage to FW and CDR (Thanks to toilagamer852 for nice suggestion)

Medal could be change to Mythical Mark of Kalastor, BoM, or MoD

And Boots with Mythical Boneshatter Treads or Mythical Earthshatter Treads (Thanks to Chthon and Mad Lee for suggestions ;)), like used in this Leviathan DK :

Please check 2nd Post for Leviathan DK

[] Physical Internal Trauma Leviathan Death Knight - Satria Baja Hitam - IT DoT Damage Dealer



Video :
>>> Kubacabra
>>> Fabius - Mad Queen
>>> Grava’thul

Grimtools :
>>> Grimtools Link

This Leviathan Death Knight is an Internal Trauma DoT Damage Dealer
It means this Build can do Damage without need to Facetank enemies

Leviathan Whirlpool will be converted Fully to Physical - Internal Trauma Damage, thanks to our Great Sword

Mobs enemies will have their souls transfer into other dimensions in seconds when hitting by this DK :smiley:

Dryad is taken for enemies like Mad Queen and Kuba
Poison and Bleeding Duration Reduction is nice for those Beast

For Grava, you can use Black Tallow for more Chaos Resistance

Since DK has Passive Physical RR, we just need to play our Physical IT Damage Buttons (Included Overguard)
War Cry - Break Morale will give Deep Internal Trauma on Enemies
Blitz - Blindside together with OA and Crit Damage will do the rest of works :wink:

Please check First Post for Paladin DK


finally you posted it. :smiley:

very nice build!

Why Beronath, Reforged though? Isn’t The Pummeler a much better choice? Or if you are lucky, a Mutant Bludgeon with good affixes (such as Earthbound of Soulwarding).

Thanks !
Yeah some yt friends was asking me again and again
I just don’t have spare enough times for more testing

Perhaps one of them is you :smiley:

Witchblade are done, its Death Knights area now :cool:
serisouly, good build, ill have to try it !

It’s for extend to another elemental conversion like This

I’m aware that Pummeler is better for FW
I just want full Elemental to Physical conversion
Perhaps it will works well with Elemental Balance rings, or something like this
Further testing is needed tho :slight_smile:

Thanks Thrasheur !

Yeah It’s DK time :slight_smile:
DK is simple than WB, it’s RR is passive, we don’t have to cast CoF :smiley:

In other setups that involve elemental DoT then yes, Beronath is the way to go but clearly for you current set up, the only source of elemental damage comes from Light of Empyrion, and it’s not even elemental DoT.

Therefore I see no benefit to the existing setups. The elemental conversion serves next to nothing here.

The Pummeler is indeed good for Forcewave, since it’s give additional IT to FW, also CDR

In the other hand Beronath still gives benefits to existing setups :

  • it gives 10% Crit Damage --> Sweet for DoTs Builds
  • OA for more Crit Chance --> very suitable for DoTs Builds
  • % to All Damage --> more DPS
  • Total Speed --> more DPS and more chance for triggering WPS
  • Gives Full Elemental to Physical conversion :
    > Full Physical Light of Empyrion --> more DPS (All Fire will be converted)
    > Full Physical Conversion --> easy for me for further testing (I don’t need to change weapon frequently - Just Personal Preference)

My IT source is not only from FW, so Crit Damage from Beronath is very usefull

Also thanks for the suggestion, I shall add it to first post :slight_smile:

I am sure this build performs well as any other Solder based s&b build out there. But hasn’t it been posted like multiple times here? What’s so different about this one?

It has Full Elemental to Physical Conversion, and with DK we don’t have to cast another Physical RR (It’s Passive) :wink:

You can check the New Physical IT Leviathan Death Knight

I’ve Updated the New Build on 2nd Post

I cant decide betven https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbxdzYN and this build.

I’m not Tz but afaik, his builds are all campaign-focused and untested in crucible, cause he doesn’t have crucible dlc. Doesn’t mean it can’t clear, though. In fact, paper stats tell me that this can breeze through crucile easily.

Ok I haven’t played the game in forever but I’m confused why you would take Blade Arc, Forcewave, and Cadence? All 3? Just lookin for a reason that I’m apparently derping on and not knowing =(

That’s a build that was made viable after the expansion based on internal trauma dots. Before AoM, trauma builds weren’t viable due to the lack of increased duration items. Now, we have octavius set which solves that problem. Forcewave is what the whole set is about, Blade arc is just a strong trauma skill in general, and Cadence is taken for Deadly momentum which adds more trauma damage for both forcewave and blade arc.

Thanks mate for helping me answer the question :wink:

Yeah, currently I can’t say much about crucible dlc
My Builds are all tested on main campaign only
If experienced player said that this build may pass through crucible, well I hope so :slight_smile:
Since it’s different between Crucible and Main Campaign

This :

Tz Tz which of these 2 builds would you say is the strongest for clearing all story content upto and including Ultimate?

I fancy levelling up a S&B Character but im not sure which of those 2 builds is going to have the easier time levelling and completing endgame :slight_smile:

Paladin DK is strong on defense
While Leviathan DK has more AoE damage

Both is same Death Knight toon, just different concept of Builds, different Playstyle
The Point of taking DK in these Builds is that DK has Passive RR and more HP (Thanks to Spectral Binding - Spectral Wrath) --> low points investment
With Passive Skills, we have less active buttons, thus gives us free button for damaging skills
Less Buttons = increasing QoL

The Paladin is more tanky due to Devotion choice thus can Facetank Ultimate content (Celestial is not tested)
The Leviathan one is an Internal Trauma DoTs Damage Dealer with several IT Skills (You don’t have to Facetank with this build, just hit them with your skills, and let the DoTs do the rest)

For levelling, you can’t go wrong with Soldier
Just take Necromancer Mastery until Spectral Wrath for it’s Passive RR
You can respect later in high level to these Builds :slight_smile: