[] Physical IT Paladin Death Knight - Satria Baja Hitam - 24s Grava, Fabius, Iron Maiden, MQ

May I ask.

Is spectral wrath useful for ranged build? I mean if a ranged attacker from 8 meters distance hit you, will that enemy be affected by debuff?

I am confused whether spectral wrath debuffs enemies within 4 meter radius around you or within 4 meter radius around that attacker.

Has the latest patch impacted this build in any meaningful way at all? I am guessing not but wanted to check

Spectral Wrath is useful even for ranged build as long as the enemies is within your radius :smiley:

If enemies hit you on radius 4 meter from you, they will be affected by Spectral Wrath (see skeletons icon on enemies)

In Grim Dawn, enemies usually will surround you sooner or later, so it still useful for Range Builds :wink:

You can level many ways with Soldier :

And you have access to very nice Physical RR from Both Mastery :slight_smile:
Just take Necromancer mastery until Spectral Wrath for it’s passive RR

This build got buff from extra casting speed in Squad Tactics
Thanks Crate for very nice patch :slight_smile:

For the Leviathan Death Knight, why do we not add the skill, Tremor, to remove the cooldown time for Forcewave?

I am currently lvl 52 and find that the 2.8s CD for Forcewave is very annoying and slows down my killing pace. After trying out Tremor, I found that the skill resulted in mobs being wiped out at a much greater rate.

The skill seems very useful, removing the entire CD in exchange for only 18% less damage. So why is this skill not used?

Yes for leveling you can use Tremor with “Two Handed Weapon Melee Only”.
Can’t use Shield.
Check this one for example

Ahhh I see. Thank you.

But why, for the end game gear, we choose a single hand weapon and shield which is incompatible with tremor? Is it that the bonuses from those gear outweigh the 2.8s cooldown timer on the skill?

These Builds are not Forcewave Spamming Build.
Without Tremor we have the Cooldown, and we need the Cooldown for releasing other Damaging Skills like Doomforce, Blade Arc, Ground Smash, Blitz.
Tremor has lower damage and need two handed weapon + Casting Speed + Mana Regen which is not suitable for these builds.

Also we already have CDR for Forcewave from Octavius Sets.
So Forcewave will be faster :wink:

How is this build in 1.0.6?

It got nice Buff from Soldier Mastery :

Cheers :slight_smile:

nice build:)