[] The Wraith - Aether SS Reaper - Demigod of Crucible

Thank you


I think you can also click “view unique affix somewhere”


So would you suggest keeping ABB at soft cap and Nightfall at 15/12 (or 18/12) for classical Soulrend Spellbreaker?

Soulrend is probably BiS if you wanna go ABB. If you have the skill points yes. And nightfall always worth on cold SS if you can swing it imo. I love it


Cool build. Did you try to use Decree of Aldritch with Magelord set (~95-100% elemental damage conversion to aether) and maxing Nightfall? If yes, could you share your impression/feedback with us?


Yes, but just one magelord ring and no maxed nightfall. I even made a video with it but didn’t post it:) But after testing Mindwarp better I found that it is a great dps increase due to RR vs tough single targets. Also the atack speed makes wps a bit better in spite of losing the conversion.

The thing is that with or without decree SS converts all cold sources to aether anyway: LA, soul harvest, SS itself.

You can try but AoE isn’t really a problem with this build. Your single target dmg will suffer bit if you do this

I see. Thanks for feedback.
Didn’t have opportunity to play around with aether SS due to the absence of Magelord rings. Hope will get it soon.

I think the build suffered some pierce resist reduction due to some items being modified within the last patch, or did you use different enchantments in the screenshot provided?

You’ll notice in the grimtools that my amulet has 40% pierce res suffix:)

Another great build I’ll have to try… just keep ‘em comin’ Fluff, you and guys like TeeZee and Chthon and Pyro etc are the people who keep me stuck in the game!

I am not sure if I get your point, because the total calculated pierce resist value in grim tools is still 64% and not 82% like in your screenshot, so I was wondering how come.

I noticed this too when I posted the screenshot and GT. It’s prob because my screen has good rolls wheres the GT has the average or something

ah, that would make sense! thanks for clarifying.

Love the build, Superfluff! Just a quick question: Any medal you’d recommend in lieu of the Badge of Mastery? The roll to get +5 Shadow Strike seems pretty insane. Is maxing Shadow Strike essential to the build?

Hey, wow this build came up from the depths again:)

So it’s ofc prefereable to have it at lvl 26. However, with crucible blessings being buffed recently you could do with a placeholder medal like this one

Regarding BoM, best way is to trade for it. That item was not meant for one to get via grind when you want a particular skill.

If you can believe it, this particular medal I got on my own when I was noob and didn’t really know stuff about SS or cared to get into. But other medals i’ve traded for like +5 Savagery and others

Also, now that i’ve played arounf with some other builds, I recommend dropping SoTH and Get hungering void for insane crits


Been wanting to integrate your concept into a 2H (Scythe Wield) Build. I need some feedback if it can clear majority of the content save for super bosses. Doesn’t need to be crucible-able.

Experimental Build


  • from the gameplay vids, it looks like you are cycling multiple active skills which is where majority of your damage is coming from. what is your take on using Beronath to give an Auto Attack skill and stacking flat damage passives to increase your DPS?

Single target it’s SS that does the damage really. The others do relevant damage to Mobs AoE and add CC.

You won’t deal enough damage in auto attack with shard using this build and it would be a mess to play casting all your others skills and LA all the time, it’s already cast intensive. Even if you break the setup and add Decree scepter for conversion.

The setup in tour grim tool also will not do enough damage i’m afraid. There is not enough conversion from elemental to aether to support Bone harvest.

The trick with SS mod is that it takes all the flat cold damage from LA and soul harvest and turns it into aether , skyrocketing the damage

really awesome build clap :slight_smile:

nice one i like it

@alvh Thanks both, needs Dying God now though :slight_smile:

Cool build!

Couple of questions from a newb:

1.) I dont notice you using Reap Spirit in the video? What is it’s purpose?

2.) Why is Master of Death taken over Harbinger of Souls?

I plan on running this build with a soldier/inquisitor http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66856