[] Corrupted Chaos Lifestealer DW Melee Pyromancer - Grim Fate Gruesome Invincible Tentacle

[QUOTE=TZ Tz;618888]This :

*CoF’s Vulnerability and Flashbang, both of them has DA Shred.
But the biggest reduction will take effects (they don’t stack)
Since Flashbang has greater reduction, it’ll likely Flashbang will win over Vulnerability.

Are you sure that this is the case? As far as, I know they do stack, they are different kinds of DA shred.

Yeah they stack.

Thanks for correcting it!

I didn’t realize they both different
Yeah Flashbang won’t stack with same type DA shred like Markovian’s Advantage
I’ll edit the post, thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I don’t have crucible dlc, all my builds tested for main campaign

You and your awesome community are Cruci Master
Thanks for introducing New DA Kings Approach to this Forum :wink:

A lot of people now love Stalwart :smiley:

The stalwarts of your community to this game is great
Even you guys make some paper pics for explaining cool AAR concept ^^

I like your idea for Passing Through and Chain Lightning AAR, it’s Cool!

Let’s make AAR Great again !

Also if you have nice setups of this chaos grim fate pyromancer build for gladiator, please post it here
I’ll be glad to include and credit you for your cruci version on first post

Cheers :slight_smile: