[] Lifestealer DW Fire Burn Sorceress / Sorcerer - 14s MQ, Gargabol, Fabius, Kuba, Grava

Could anybody explain this to me please? I am not sure to understand the mechanism behind this statement.

Normaly Dot dmg in melee thrives off of high % weapon dmg. for example savagery+ execution makes bleed dmg skyrocket from flat bleed dmg sources

Explosive strike on the other hand is like a separate spell. Does not much matter how much % weapon dmg it has. It does the stated burn dmg in AoE and 30% weapon dmg

But it works with WPS right?

I don’t think so. ES is it’s own “thing” afaik. It used to work i think before it was changed after jajaja’s sabo

Cheers mate. Btw, the original target of fire strike gets the damage from the fire strike skill (both %WD and flat) itself PLUS the damage (again both %WD and flat) from explosive strike on top of that? And from that, only the %WD (of both skills) would be amplified by WPS (and generates life steal from ADctH). Correct?

Yes, the Burn Part from Explosive Strike won’t generates life steal from ADctH.
Only %WD from Fire Strike and Explosive Strike + %WD Flame Torrent give life steal