[] My attempt at an end game Panetti Mage Hunter

Been wanting to try a PRM build for awhile but it seemed hard to achieve with a decent amount of survivability, without losing a big chunk of overall damage. This current setup handles most of those issues and clears all nemesis, lokarr and mad queen with ease. I’ve managed to reach 160 in crucible quite consistently but its easy to get nemesis combos that overwhelm you, and just delete you with hardly a chance to react.

Perma buffs with WoR

-Super fun to play
-Has really solid sustain from constant ADCH and devotion procs
-Has quite a decent amount of RR shred which makes quick work of most mobs with impunity
-Well rounded CC resistance and most resists well overcapped

-Lack of mobility skill
-Damage relies on constant dps, which means dps loss when kiting
-Could be considered a rather plain and unimaginative build :rolleyes:

Build Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pngBjZ
Medal can be switched with Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation for a nice damage boost, but i like having an extra circuit breaker.

Will upload videos sometime soon!

Strange choice for the weapon and gloves. Since the DPS of PRM isn’t that great I’d get some more procs.

Edit: my bad, confused your pistol with Arcanum Electrolis.

nice setup.

you can also try this setup for more damage and at the same time very solid defense build… if you want…

also here below is my ss of the build…

Yeah current gloves aren’t essential for the setup just felt like throwing in the extra DA for crucible since i wasn’t really lacking too much damage i felt.

Thanks! both setups look amazing seems i’ve overlooked some of the alternative approaches. You mind throwing in a grimtool link for your setup? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh sorry forgot the link: :stuck_out_tongue:


Being able to squeeze out 80k out of PRM is pretty amazing. With CT I barely reached 60k going very offensive.

out of topic but:


not my current setup anymore but it is possible when all devotion procs go all out! :rolleyes:, maybe over 70k is possible if one is going with another mastery combo!, but then defenses may crumble if one just rely on the offense side, so that may not be worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

on topic: PRM is on a good spot now, just need more love for aether version.

I agree PRM builds seem much more well rounded with the addition of inquisitor and changes to itemization since AoM. Been scratching my head as to how to make a proper aether version since it felt so right, but it just doesnt seem to fit as nicely as a standard ele PRM.

Sick CT build btw

the aether version is still strong but it does not pack a punch like the elem one. On the other side, I already stopped playing GD but then I ended up checking this build again and I blame you for this one.:rolleyes:

some more findings:
I ended up using the mythical panetti wand and loving the build even more. The gun does not look good imo, and not firing from the actual gun is immersion breaking for me! :rolleyes: If you can increase your OA I suggest using the wand, my build feels much more defensive thanks to the wand : more inqui seals bonuses and a total of +7 skill points, better damage, energy regen bonus etc.

I was literally using it before i switched to the gun, the reasoning being for the extra benefit from adch with the addition of extra weapon damage, otherwise the wand would work better if not just as well, and still is a perfectly viable choice. Yeah i wish it would actually shoot from the gun, spell animation doesn’t fit well at all.