[] Pure Cunning Cadence Tactician

This is my first build post but i have been playing Grim Dawn since the beginning. I decided to share my build with you folks as i don’t see many builds like this.

To start i love this game and i love all ranged builds, pretty much all my builds are ranged. All i read is how its stinks to have a pure cunning build, well i hope to change your mind with this guy.


He is capable of 400K+ damage shots thanks to Cadence.

My devotion tree is odd as well, all over the place, but works to get survivability.

If i can make any improvements please let me know. Never played this guy in crucible so i have no clue if he can or not. Thanks again, this is my fav game to date.

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I would highly recommend aura of conviction over Olerons Rage. The physical resist is great… And it should make your cadence crits even larger due to more flat pierce damage.

Also adding the inquisitor WPS abilities to the build would be a definite dps boost.

I thought about that.But i was look at the flat OA on Aura or %OA on Olerons Rage. Since my OA is already high wouldnt it give me a higher OA, hence crit more. Or does the flat DMG of aura make that much of a difference?

Something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2Gp0llV

Even if it were a smaller crit, the 15% physical resist is too good to pass out.

I like what you did. Wouldnt all the attacks be fighting with each other.

Bursting Round 20%
Storm Spread 20%
Cold Round 20%
Treacherous Round 25%
Jaxxons lucky Bulllet 12%

Can these fire together or just one at a time?

Never thought about Physical resist so hard to come by.

They are cumulative percents, but only one at a time. So with those percents you would have a 97% chance to proc one of them on every non-cadence hit. Cadence over rides wps skills.

Well that changes things. I been looking at it wrong for a while.

nice math lol

I have several questions, regarding this build…

First of all, why did you go over 3600-3700 OA? Don’t you know that OA gets significantly less returns if invested in too much?
Second of all, why did you choose Valdun’s Rifle instead of, let’s say, Silverbolt or Gildor’s Pulverizer?
Did you play campaign with this build? On Ultimate, in Malmouth? Did you kill any Nemesis enemies with this build?

Next, this build is 100% not suitable for Crucible. The DA is… very low, to say the least.
And besides that, you didn’t get the full tree of Inc’s healing, your Seal is on dangerously low level as well, you don’t have a single circuit-breaker available (the combo of Giant and Chariot is good, but not enough to save you in cramped rooms with tons of enemies, for example).
Last, you don’t have your WPS skills, which would raise your damage and AoE potential to substancial levels.

Was gonna say the same thing as well. Strange Exclusive Skill choice, Oleron’s Rage over Aura of Conviction, really? 1950 DA is going to get you killed against simpler purple bosses, any nemesis will just shred you. Hell, even Aetherial Titans in act 5 can bum rush you and end you in couple of hits. Pure Cunning char that is not Nightblade also seems questionable.

I agree that my DA is very low, i did switch to AoC. But i dont have a problem with beating bosses in this game. Other than nemesis which look at me and laugh, it hasnt been very difficult. From veteran to ultimate ive only died 7 times which i think is pretty good considering. My high burst damage with pierce RR i can usually shred before they get near me and even when they get near me it usually only takes a couple more seconds to beat them.

Honestly, there is a lot you can do to improve it, besides DA. This build has potential to kill Nemesis enemies and shred through the content easily, if tweaked.

Allow me to show you my way - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXPAQWN
Tell me, what do you think of it.

Ill be right back i have to go and eat a humble pie.

Never looked at it that way, could never figure out how to get high piercing damage without high cunning. Ill definitely try this out when i get home to see the difference. Thanks.

Looks good… 2 over cap on ranged expertise tho :stuck_out_tongue: Move those over to storm spread for the 4th projectile and looks good

Oh shit, I haven’t even noticed. Goddamn Shift key, thanks! Yeah, this definitely goes to Storm Spread.


I don’t know if you hate Physique as a stat or not. But if you want to stick to zero physique this might intrigue you


It’s great to see a non-Physique build here. It’d be miracle if you manage to stay true to the concept :smiley:
Good luck and thanks for sharing this

I dont hate the stat. When i started playing this character i had thought it would make an interesting build using cunning. It worked well until you meet a nemesis or a boss. Really tough bosses i would kite, nemesis usually cough and i die.

Thanks for the build, Mythical Warborn Shoulderguards seem to be the best option considering armor/health/resists/skill bonuses.

As much i as i like the idea of full Valdun set, it is just incredible to see how the Silverbolt is superior due to +2 to all skills + extra aura.

Or do developers think that Valdun set’s compeltion bonus skill is worth it?

I agree with the guy who suggested Mythical Valdun Rifle should get +2 to demo/Inq/Soldier in order to make it somehow relevant.

What do you think?