[] Pure Cunning Cadence Tactician

+1 Demo and +2 Inquisitor skills sounds nice. +2 soldier skills with 80+ flat damage and other set bonuses would make it OP imo

If you want to stick to zero Physique then try my variant otherwise go with Autentist’s setup

@Autentist I recognize that pic from somewhere, is it from a Hentai?

With any ranged build using Inquisitor, NEVER overlook the 3 WPS. I tried a Darkblaze gunslinger vs a Dagallon WPS Purifier, despite higher sheet chaos damage over fire/lightning, the Purifier did least 4x more damage against the target dunny

Yes, at least it would be something.

Regarding WPS skills: you have Valdun’s Treachery from amulet and full set gives Valdun’s Clip, both are 25% chance to use, so in order not to mess things up total % chance of all WPS should not be above 100%, right?

It’s a cadence build so WPS isn’t really that great. I still recommend bursting round tho for extra aoe

Hahaha, nope. It’s from Akame ga Kill manga. Really shitty thing, but Esdese is best girl, she deserved way better, than being at that shitfest of a writing.

I missed another +2 overcap on Ranged Expertise, apparently. Just dump it in Decorated Soldier for more Elemental Overcap, I guess.
And by the way, if Big Z suddenly will decide to be more generous, then all new 5 points go into Ghoul.


If you don’t overdo your WPS chances, then they are great. Both Bursting Round and Storm Spread help with AoE immensely, killing everything in seconds before your path. Chilling Rounds is just icing on a cake.

Mine is best girl. But author decided to kick her out of the story (and she didn’t even die) and it all went to shit after that, imo.

Not just Nemesis. I honestly think even strong hard-to-kite bosses like The Sentinel will breathe(literally) on you, and your character will evaporate.

Holy shit, man, don’t do this to me. I wanted to forget that nightmare clusterfuck of an ending.
Takahiro can’t write manga or even something slightly more serious, than comedy novels, for shit.

By the way, Gildor would be infinitely more powerful on this build. However, due to SEVERE skill point starvation, we can’t afford it. +2 on Silverbolt decides the entire build, basically.
Also, Valdun. Aside from Pierce damage, it doesn’t offer anything substancial. It also takes two sweet spots with helmet and amulet, which could be used for better equipment, but nope. Any move, and you lose a ton of Pierce damage, especially flat one.
Belt too. Pack is simply the best, due to conversion and an amazing passive it provides.

The previous avatar was also good. BTW, I found out who it was. :rolleyes:

For me the whole interest is to play with full Valdun set as it brings some unique lore and feels something different.

When you substitute the rifle with Silverbolt, the whole magic disappears and you can as way play Purifiier (2H or DW) or Pyromances (with Darkblaze set) or JoV DW ranged Tactician: http://grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60934

it’s sad that Valdun Rifle remains gimped here.

Dont wanna be nitpicky but kymon’s badge does not decrease the physique for armor. Doesnt allow for mythical warborn to be equipped. Maybe substitue mythical tinker’s ingenuity?

My bad, I must’ve screwed the stat distribution. I didn’t change his MIs cause he already had good ones. I don’t think Tinker’s Belt is needed. A couple of points into Physique should do the trick

beruli, I play a few cunning builds but none pure. The reason for that is, you just cannot equip gear that you need. Your build as posted has at least 4 items that cannot be equipped due to lack of physic or spirit. When theory crafting you need to check in game to better insure the validity.