[] Faceroll aether Battlemage & Death Knight (no MI, s&b, cdr, 25min gladiator)

He put just 1pt to silence trash casters in cruci. It’s good

Maybe, maybe :slight_smile:

Very simple: nullification and haunt reqire to use extra buttons! I don’t like that. Plus, Mogdrogens’s Ardor gives us a lot of skill points.
Lizard gives a bit of HP, we are really low on that. Plus regen. Veterancy gives a bit of regen - less self-damage from Hungering Void (and it’s only 1 point after all).

You already cleared gladiator with this offensive setup but what do you think of a (lot) more defensive setup with Menhir’s Bulwark + maybe tree of life instead of dying god?

Nice build, btw!

I was literally about to ask you what you thought of this build before I realized you were the author, Zhuugus. I was wondering why the S&B Battlemage wasn’t showing up on build lists. Good to see it here! Can’t wait to try this.

Any particular reason you don’t have Elemental Balance at soft cap?

Thanks! I think that defensive setup is far weaker. You already have probably the most tanky mastery combination in the game with a shield, overguard, maiven’s sphere, mirror of eroctes. You can leech half of your hp in one blitz hit. To die you literally have to stand still and do nothing.
Defensive setup not only cuts your raw damage - it also cuts OA which results in less crits, less crit damage without Dying God and not being able to use Aeon’s Hourglass devotion which is the strongest one for this build because it almost doubles the amount of your Blitzes, Callidor Tempests and Krieg’s Wraths.

You’ll like it. Good luck!

Yes! It requires to use Ishkandra’s Elemental Exchange, which converts physical damage into elemental. It messes up dps, all physical must only be converted into aether.

Going by the grimtools your aether damage is wholly unaffected though? It just seems to convert your leftover phys to elemental. Wouldn’t the 25% extra crit be worth it even if you might lose some phys damage to the conversion?
Is it because the krieg gloves that convert 80% phys to aether damage on blitz? And even then wouldn’t the 25% crit make up for that? I can’t really test cause i don’t have a krieg battlemage handy

Just thought it seems like a waste to go battlemage and skip that juicy 25% crit

25 % crit is not that much, less that 5% of actual DPS for his buid.

25% crit easily overcomes the minor conversion loss from IEE. In fact the extra crit is so strong it overcomes CoF elemental rr in some cases(builds that have enough rr to begin with). Ifenough rr and OA. Crit is the ultimate way to improve your dmg

It push crit dmg from 80% to 105% on this . With ~25% crit chanse against most nemesis and 1.2 multiplier it is realy not that much . Still its probably a better investment that 7 points in FoR? Need dummy test to be sure.
BTW Star Pact could actualy be a better choise that RP, aslo need dummy tests :roll:

8 billion and 541k builds with Cadence/shield in this forum

I’m done


Good build

I’d personally replace relic with Haunt and if buttons are an issue then drop Aether Corruption from skill bar

Technically each peace of the Krieg set is an MI so your build actually has 5 MIs. :stuck_out_tongue:

And aaaaaaaaaaanother build with krieg’s set.

Ok, ok, I guess I’ll do some tests and post the results afterwards.

Thanks! No way I’m trading 8% AS and a crap ton of +skills for measily 7% extra RR. I guess I’ll just add Haunt into alternative gear, since it’s the best option before you get the pricey stuff.

Yes! But I maneuvered around such cunning accusations by stating that that my build does not need GREEN MI. Green MI with their inhuman chances of being good are the ones that people loathe. MI legendaries are on the contrary pretty good - you always know where to farm the needed item, less rng=better.

Another? Maybe you know 10 more than can clear gladiator in 25 min being nearly unkillable? Because I only know s&b death knight.
If you do link them all here, don’t be shy. It would be very interesting to see.

I think he means Krieg set builds have gotten a little too popular lately. No one seems to be interested in exploring other gearing options at all. What he says is true btw.

And as for Haunt suggestion, with the recent changes to Haunt what I suggested isn’t mandatory but it does help a little in some ways
Although due to LL RR nerf your current relic is almost equally good

For anyone looking at this and the Death Knight version and noting the similarities, I’ve leveled both to a decent level, and I have some findings that may be relevant for you if you’re trying to decide between them. Note that for their late game I’m working entirely off of what Zhuugus says about the builds. He knows them best in that department. Also note that for both builds I leveled with full Lokarr, Hermit Legguards and Potions of Clarity with crucible for the first 11 devotion points.

After working with them both, I’d call Death Knight the one easier to level by far. The free HP, OA, AoE retaliation damage, and physical RR from maxing Spectral Binding/Spectral Wrath early is an absolute boon to leveling. The Battlemage here feels squishier and less damaging at those early levels before you can start putting legendaries on them to shore up their weaknesses, which can leave the less patient among us to give up on the venture.

However, I personally am sticking with the Battlemage, and here’s why. Zhuugus’ clear times with this no-green MI build are astounding, and seem to indicate that this build has what I call “hypercarry syndrome” (if you’ll pardon the League of Legends reference). In other words, it’s something that suffers early in order to build to a massive payoff. If that’s your bag, which you can tell from my leveling gear above that it absolutely is for me, then Battlemage is for you. Zhuugus wouldn’t have made this build if he thought the Death Knight outperformed it in every way, after all. Note that I leveled both as close as possible to how Zhuugus recommends in this build, which others may not agree with. There are plenty of ways to level an arcanist and a soldier and other ways may provide far better results. I haven’t tested them.

Any chance of a list of gear that could be more easily crafted or purchased from vendors so I could gear up enough to farm Krieg with this guy? I would really love to try out the build but lack the gear.

His words didn’t sound like that. They sounded like I made just another copy-paste mediocre build on a popular class. And the truth is I’ve seen no battlemages that come close to this one in power level. Moreover, over all these years of Grim Dawn I’ve seen only 1 really strong battlemage (long ago) and he was abusing overpowered Targo’s hammers.

I agree that Krieg set is attractive because it’s an end-game set which you know exactly where to farm. Less goddamn rng involved.

But how do you know what people are choosing and what builds are they playing? I can only see if a build has lots of views on the forum, thus I conclude it is popular. Like yours or Superfluff’s blademasters or pet cabalist by Reapersgaze. They have lots of views. Death knight builds don’t have that much views, how do you know people play them a lot?

Well, that may indeed be the sad truth - death knight is easier to level - all because of that physical RR on spectral wrath.
I made a battlemage build because it is one of the wekest mastery combinations and coming with a battlemage build that rivals top tier builds is really pleasant.:slight_smile:
I appreciate your feedback. Here are some hints about DK in comparison with battlemage (I’ll hide them, so the devs will never know):

Both DK and Battlemage can clear gladiator under 25 min buffed. I am talking about the DK from my compilation of builds thread. I don’t see how you can build a DK without a least 1 green MI with stun res - well, technically you can drop the medal and take epic one (Vanguard star, Mark of fierce resolve), but that would obviously lower the damage.
Their OA and DA are the same, DK has a lot more life (but doesn’t have Mirror nor Maiven’s). With 2 perfect MI DK has 19k life and Battlemage (without MI) only 12,5k. Doesn’t matter really, since they both stomp everything.

I’m sorry I can’t help you with vendors. I always used the gear I found myself. The only advice I can give you is to try Forcewave with Tremor with a 2-handed weapon if you somehow struggle with Cadence and Blitz (thanks to Actuanpanda for this advice). In that case, since it’s a spell, prioritise cast speed, not attack speed.