[] The Blood Knights - The Unstoppable Bleeding Force - Bloody Knights Unleashed

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8 years ago, GD now become very great game.

EDIT : Updated Grimtools above with Additional Offensive Version

These builds (ones which use the Deathstalker relic) provide a nice counterpoint to traditional summoners (though they will always have a special place in my heart as well as always have an open spot for one in any ARPG that has them.

Is savagery really better than cadence? I mean, doesn’t cadence’s huge %WD work well with flat bleed damage sources like the weapon one? Also, what is your opinion on blind fury over howl of mogdrogen? Blind fury’s bleed damage ain’t bad and the aoe never hurts anyway right?

I think Autentist suggestion for Pet Bleeding Trickster will have a special place in your heart too :wink:
Well, I need to test it first (so many builds I wanna test, grim dawn overloading me with so many ideas)

Cadence vs Savagery
Well, for Default Weapon Attack Replacer, currently we have these “Two” for Auto Attack Bleeding Builds.

Cadence :
All cadence lines are good for increasing our bleeding damage.
People usually boost only “Fighting Form” since it gives flat bleeding damage.
Cadence is like “surely trigerred wps on third strike.” It’s Nice !

  • Cadence itself will increasing our Bleeding Damage via %WD like you said
  • Fighting Form gives Flat Bleed Damage
  • Deadly Momentum can boost our Bleed Damage via %Bleeding Damage

Savagery :
What is pros Savagery over Cadence?
Savagery like Cadence, gives us Flat Bleeding Damage + Boosting it simultaneously.
One of the pros of Savagery line are Savagery has Flat OA and DA + increasing Health Regen in Tenacity of The Boar.
Storm Touched is for Attack Speed boosting (Storm Touched only AS Source in Shaman Mastery)
Bleeding Builds are DoTs Builds. Crit Damage and OA are significant factors for increasing our Bleed Ticks Damage.

What if we take Both in a Bleeding Build ? :smiley:
Increasing Our OA/DA via Savagery, and applied Flat Bleed Damage via Cadence, intersting isn’t it?

Also remember, BK Set gives huge boost to Counter Strike, maxing Counter Strike will give us good Flat Bleeding Damage!
That’s why I can even turn a Battlemage and a Commando into such Bleeding Builds …

Well, Grim Dawn is Full of Awesomeness, even a Pyromancer can be turned into Out of the Box Bleeding Builds :wink:

About Blind Fury over Howl of Mogdrogen, yes Blind Fury can be used as one source of Bleeding Damage.
But Howl of Mogdrogen is more favorable for Hybrid Pets Bleeding Builds like Builds in these threads.

What would you prefer in a pure bleeding non-pet build between blind fury and howl of mogdrogen?

I prefer Howl of Mogdrogen, it has more support for Bleeding, longer duration, Bleed damage boosting

Blind Fury, you need to bound it to right skills, since our primary default attack replacer usually used for “Rend”

Blind Fury actually more Physical Internal Trauma, it has its own Bleeding for matching Cadence “Physical Bleed” theme

Thank you very much. Appreciated.

You’re welcome!

Perhaps your idea with Blind Fury will works :wink:
Need some testing tho, I’ll let you know if I manage to try it later.

Currently I wanna working with Autentist Pets Trickster Bleeding Summoner…

DW Bleeding Trickster - Pets Scale Player Bonus Summoner

Credit to Autentist for Nice Bleeding Trickster with Player-Scaled Pets!


Full Video : https://youtu.be/rY5wS3c0GAI

Build Details Updated on 2nd Post :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. Are you making the huge number of builds on the 1st page to show awesome the set is and how versatile it is?

This build is nice. Lot s of life steel and physical resist. The skills mesh really well together. You make great builds, man. Thanks for posting so many.

I went with the sb witchblade since I figured it was the most tanky as it has a shield. While I have most of the gear, I still don’t have the death stalker relic blueprint, full components (sacred armor and living armor, heart, annihilation) Or deathlord band as I just respecced a few hours before this posting. I was able to kill most of ancient grove but died on gargabol 2nd life by a 1shot kill. Based on the videos l’m sure I can clear once I’m geared Fully.

However, have you had a chance to test this on crucible? if not, based on your expertise, which build do you think would do best in solo and group? I’m looking for the tankiest as I strongly dislike Dying.

Thanks again brotha.

hey im doing your blademaster build and its been a few years since i played.
can you provide me with the correct devotion path?

I too would like to know which you found performed the best?

Hey, so does a Ritualist work with this build/set idea?

FIrst, i’m blademaster and for now i’m rly happy with this build even i’m far from some items for now, but i like the whole idea about bleeding damage and i’m grateful about this build!
I have some questions, does Manticore Deathstalker spawns only on ultimate diff, because i’m far away from ancient grove on this diff, and i’m trying to grind the recipe on elite diff, and i didnt met this creature once from maybe 4 times there.
And one more question, could u suggest me some relic until i grind this recipe, if the creature spawns only on Ultimate.
Thank you.

What status on Deathknight and other variations? i presume they’re in first post for a reason.

I wonder how well Dervish (Nightblade + Oathkeeper) would do with the Blood Knight set? Blade Spirits do Piercing, Cold and Bleeding while Guardian of Empyrion does Physical, Fire and Burning. Not sure what gear would be best but you’d end up with 4 more permanent pets.

Might want to take a step back there and think about your main damage type. For Blood Knight, I’d choose between Vitality or Bleed and try not to mix the 2.

Guardians can be mamde to do Vitality as well.

EH, it’s too bad you seem to have to choose between Blade Spirits and Guardians of Empyrion. Be awesome to have so many pets while being able to fight as well.

Acid with Sentinel is worth considering instead of Dervish. Doing so has these for options:

The reason I chose Occultist is that with Pierce converted to Acid, you can add Living Shadows (3) as well.

Edit: Forgot that Mad Queen’s Claw has global conversion. Using 2 and taking Nightblade instead of Occultist will actually get you Blade Spirits as well for up to 14 pets.