[] Vit caster apostate - A quick setup

Hi guys,

I have looked thru the 3 new sets, decided to work on Radaggan set. This build is just a theorycraft as I don’t have the set yet.

Grimtools link

Hope to receive some comments from the pro players here on how to improve this build.

P.S. For some reason grimtools doesn’t show Aura of Censure in the permanent buffs tooltip. Is this an error?

It’s not an error. Veil of Shadow is the same way. They do not buff you. They only debuff the enemy, and Grimtools is only concerned about buffs to you.

I see, didn’t know that until now.

Also I think the worst part for this build is Iron Maiden, because armor and physical res are so mediocre. The rest can be easily offset by the huge amount of reliable ADCtH.

In this case, how to deal with Iron Maiden in Crucible? I don’t think Fabius is worse.