[] Chaos Runeceiver > Glad 170

Shoutout to superfluff and uujiib for a lil help on this one. My turd needed a bit of polishing :smiley: Will finish op later and add bunch more shit

Had this one as an idea in my head since beta. Been drinking around with it for awhile now and finally happy with it though it still needs some work for sure, very open to suggestions! Core of build is fang of cthon+blood orb and that’s technically all you need for campaign, but it’s super point hungry build. I probably wouldn’t do it without ignaffar relic and at least another +1 to inquis though even then it’d very much be a poor man’s version of the build and it would do a lot less damage and require a lot more kiting. I’ll try to post some basic shit gear version at some point anyway though

Didn’t time it, but did 150-170 2x with 3 buff+1 banner and it felt like 10-11 min area. Would be a lot faster if didn’t have to run like a bitch on certain waves. I’m bad at cruci and not at all used to throwing traps ahead while I kite so time could be better I’m sure, be ready to get in some serious laps on certain combos. Most waves get murdered in style though :slight_smile: I’ll try to record a potato quality video

For campaign you can go more offensive ofc. Wendigo and hourglass are in devos for maximum bitch mode kiting so you can drop those for flame torrent+w/e you feel like going. Guardians gaze is great fun with 2pts in stormbox+tether even if it’s not much damage you always have a huge swarm of eyes up. 3 points in Obelisk is vnice for campaign too as is behemoth if you’re lacking in gear. Can drop ravager eye as well if you’d like. In mastery you can drop a bunch of points out of word of renewal and go more damage as well though I wouldn’t mess with the other shit too much


Chaos runes
Fantastic + stylish aoe
Chaos runes

Needs a lot of gear to really shine
Can’t tank everything :cry:
Have to run for days on certain waves
Valdaran can own your soul with some dirty tps
Lots of button pushing. Might break your mousewheel from spamming double rune so much

reserved af post i will never use

I. Love. The. Name.

And I love the concept. Well crafted!

EDIT: The spec totally looks like a glowstick btw.

I added rune into my Chaotic Ch’thonic Converter build not too long ago… Unfortunately I’m really struggling to find time to play/post lately. My current gt link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkq67qV

With angrim crafted gear over 2500 armor. Ive facetanked x2 reapers with buffs/banners up.

Your setup looks nice I might have to give it a whirl though I really wanted it to be pure runes and not rely on wd for tanking big baddies. I came up with some high armor setups too, but sadly don’t have some of the gear or crafting bonuses for it. Btw I made the ~same build as the one you linked. Mine better though cause it has stormbox tied to guardian’s gaze :smiley:

We seem to share love of chillspikes did you try 2h infiltrator out with them? I tooled up a winter king infil with sentinel set with rune+spirit max and blades of wrath. Looked pretty sweet on paper

Very nice concept. Everything fits:) I think you can do crucible well with it once you get used to it.

Would be great if there was a skill like RE to proc Fangs. have you tried it on Tether?

Funny - I was theorycrafting a similar thing with strukto a coupla weeks ago. :rolleyes: