[] Poison Paradise: 10:30-11:30 Crucible Gladi. 150-170, no green items caster WH [c+][vid]

like this built too, where to go to farm the gears?

2 questions
You said you can farm for Dark One Set at the Edge of Sanity, where is edge os sanity located?
For the other item you can craft at Angrim where do you find the runes?


Google grim dawn aom secret quest.

@lee it should be edge of reality. Edge of sanity is a weapon lol. Or did i get it backwards?

It’s Edge of Reality, it’s a secret quest in act 5 Ultimate, google it, pretty easy to find. I do craft stuff at angrim for the %physique or %armor bonus. I am not sure what do you mean by “runes”, is it gear components like Runebound Topaz, etc.? If it is, recepies drop throughout Ultimate, from Troves, bosses, etc., also vendor in Ancient Grove dungeon sells them.

Ah, Crate and their edgy names. Yes , you are right, it’s edge of reality, gonna correct it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That screenshot in the title should be flagged as animal porn.

Cool build. :smiley:

It’s so sad that the Dreeg-Set, which is made for DEE, is worse than Dark One’s-Set.


I would like to try your built but I’m a bit lost on the character progression.

how do you spent you point in Occulist and Nightblade? you explain for the start for Occulist but not much after that could you give more of your advice please .
At what level you choose Nighblade?

It is sad indeed because Dark One set is vitality first, poison/acid second, Acid/Poison right now don’t have anything really cool to play with.

Start as an Occultist, max out DEE line, get Vulnerability, get Night’s chill > profit.

All right, so in 1.0.7 this build took a massive hit. It became stronger, but because Crucible got buffed casters now have a real tough time there, especially Poison ones.

I honestly tried to put everything I could in it to make it survive better, but two Reapers waves are almost always undoable. Real shame. Here is an example of a failed run.

I did update the build and buffed it with Ghoul devotion and increased it slow resistance to 45% and hard capped Dreeg’s Evil Eye since it has been buffed slightly in 1.0.7. Here is the new build. Really shitty time to be a non-binder/non-infiltrator caster in Grim Dawn.

What was your impression of the changes to DEE and Pox (I think Pox got a boost from this tome).

Still weak or better? I guess your PoV would be with DEE + Focused gaze rather than DEE spam.

DEE got stronger, but only at hard cap and it’s still not enough. Bloody Pox is still there just for Wasting’s debuff. Main skill will remain useless as a damage dealer forever imo.

Survivability is a big problem even with a tanky build like that, Reapers are just not dying fast enough.

I am afraid to even begin to imagine what it’s like to play in Dreeg’s set in Crucible.

All in all, A&P still at the bottom of the food chain.

I hear you. I only hope FG will bring some relief to all the builds that now are marginal, and new sets/components/augments /SOMETHING for all the ones they nerfed into meaninglessness.

Question—I am assuming the build is still viable in campaign? Any switches or modifications you’d recommend where you made sacrifices for Crucible that wouldn’t be needed in the regular game?

My Sorc says otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry. Oathkeeper is coming to the rescue.

Nah, it still rips Campaign into pieces. I would say just follow the updated link since it’s much better overall.

I would try it again after Crucible has been toned down in a hotfix.

Oathkeeper? I have a Witch Hunter, a class with a double resist reduction and a main poison spell - DEE. How the heck is Oathkeeper coming to the rescue?

Oathkeeper also has acid RR (the fire/phys RR on the pet turns into acid/vit when transmuted IIRC), 2 acid main skills (transmuted autoattack and transmuted aegis of menhir). Looks like it’s got a good kit too (acid star pact) so acid/poison will hopefully be at least mid tier next expansion.

Is it worthy trying Dark One Set for Cabalist with idea to use DEE and Ravenous Earth as main damage sources? Or will points be spread to thin and devotions-wise it will be hard to concentrate on both types of damage (Vitality/Acid & Poison)?

I just hope that og A&P that is WH will shine again one day.

You can convert DEE into Vitality with a Blood Orb or partially with a Conduit.

All right, so 63% Slow Resist + Ghoul and build works again.New 150-170 viable spec.
Here is a video of 150-170 3 blessings/1 banner run. 10 minutes, which is kinda sad, because it’s a double RR class combo with hard capped DEE - number 1 poison skill in-game. I imagine that new Dreeg set might do slightly more damage but it sure as hell won’t survive in current Crucible (and it still sucks).

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I tried it with vit conversion (both conduit and the blood orb) and it was a fail. RE and DEE don’t perform unless you max them and get mods. Plus the first is direct damage and the latter is DoT mostly. DEE spam also don’t work as casting cdr-ed RE, Siphon, Curse, Pox and other stuff leaves little room for spam, and maxing cast speed is a problem anyway.

I never tried the offhand for vit to acid to RE but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Was testing updated Acid Purge (from Seal of Blight) and decided to make a test run with Biting Blades first.

Surprisingly made it in 8:25. Don’t know if it’s mutators or if I played good this time, but shit died fast.

Here is Acid Purge run. Much slower and more awkward and procced Ghoul way too many times. Also died at 170. So from my experience I would recommend sticking to Biting Blades for now.