[] Six Mortar Trap Defiler Crucible Glad~Clear



Zhuugus have designed nearly the same. Is your build better?

Thank you~^^

I don’t know Zhuugus

I imagine commando would do this better

You’ve misspelled Pyromancer

Termox offhand tome is best in slot for offhand… Hands down

Naa better physical support :yum:

Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to get up tp 6 Mortars. I’ve only managed to get up to 5 Mortars but I do have them on a 0.8 second cooldown instead of 3 seconds and because I was too cheap and lazy to use healing pots, I ended up dying on wave 100 of Gladiator Crucible. I’m sure if I used some healing and buff potions I can make it to wave 150 but probably not 170.