[] LateForTheParty - N&O/Silver Melee RoH Hybrid Infiltrator (c+) (g4) (vid)

Well, better go all in and drop autoattacks entirely to invest in RoS for a 3-nuke rotation + abb. Not sure if you’ll have enough points tho.

very very impressive
Although I like to bind RoH to Blades of Wrath to 1 shot nemesis, I can’t argue that this BD is the definition of pure glass cannon.

Auto-attacks are suprisingly powerful with N&O, I’ve noticed it on several builds that I have tried with this swords. This paricular builds has huge Pierce to Cold conversion as well as decent Phys to Cold so all Nightblade’s WPS will be pretty strong. I think ABB+SS+RoH + few auto-attacks here and there should be pretty strong. But it has to be tested.

Another thing about aleks meteor is that is classified as a projectile… Thus the damage can be deflected, thus meaning it does zero damage. Infiltrators easily can have over 50% deflect via seal transmuter and shadow dance

Hey sorry about the vid. Upload got stuck. It’s on now. Actually it’s kinda crazy because now I watched it in full and realized that I got low heath mutator on 160-170 AND two Reapers+Maiden+Fabius on 170 and I just facetanked them four with 12k health, 2.7k da and caster armor in Gladiator Crucible (yeah, and with Theodin still alive). WTF. Lol, I bet clear times would be better if four Reapers showed up because they would converge faster to the good N&O beating lol.

I’m not discarding this advice. Just about all of the builds I posted here I improved thanks to the comments by the veterans. But I don’t think any of it is possible. I feel the power of this setup comes from 1) the ingenious devotion setup from John_Smith where everything just clicks for melee, 2) melee, 3) rune. Sacrificing any of that for nukefest with no cdr feels like trying to revive Clairvoyant. And points are hardly enough to max even SS let alone NJE and RoS. I tried to shuffle points and it didn’t seem be possible for me.

Not exactly. Though what you say is correct, I did TAKE those meteors I didn’t avoid. They hurt but just didn’t kill me somehow.

Well he also classified as a human/aetherial so it would be reduced by the % reduction of WoR

WoR reduces dmg from Eldritch and Chtonians.

I think the reason why you’re able to eat the meteors with such wet tissue build is that it can only be his first one, the one with 2 second initial use timeout. As he usually comes out of south-west he’s the first one to die and he never gets to cast his second meteor. And 2 seconds in the wave, sue to SS and mobility, you might still be free of debuffs, even his own rr. So the meteor isn’t as strong as usual. Maybe…

updated op with a new vid 5:12

that’s a pretty sick result, gratz!

Thanks. I hoped to make it under 5 before the nerfs hit but no luck.

Pet’s time still looks unattainable :cry:

Not by such a huge margin like pre-7.0 though… But yeah, I’m tired of saying “non-pet” or “except pets” when referring to top builds. :rolleyes:

The build is… not exactly dead. I just did a comfortable 6:15 on the first run. The new saboteur capable of that?

Well, Infiltrator with RoH and Silver Sentinel can’t be “dead”. But at this point maybe you can consider slaping dual Malakor’s on.

Malakors, I don’t know. RR-wise even Chillstrifes give more now (1% more each) and lots more %cold with good affixes. This is probably the best thing for RoH/melee now. But zero AoE.

N&O even without 50% acid to cold conversion and less flat and a few points off the flat rr and weaker procs is still the only thing that allows a cold melee to take DG, Blizzard, Revenant and Ultos which was always the main selling point. And AoE procs still proc. N&O might not be able to carry pure cold melee anymore - like the original John_Smith’s infiltrator - but I say with RoH it’s still ok-ish. From 5 minutes to 6 minutes is a HUGE nerf but I’m not quite sure if other RoH can do even that right now. RoH also got a huge nerf.

Will test some other Silver Sentinel setups later.

It’s just that Malakor’s pack quite some punch as melee weapons. But you are right, it’s up to testing to see which ones are better now. N and O might edge it because of the healing proc and special devotion setup, who knows.

Did some testing with Chillstrifes. In general with good enough affixes it’s slightly faster but much squishier.

Problems with Chillstrifes:

  • no built-in attack speed so the number of affixes to choose from is limited (Alacrity, Fury and Verocity)
  • Revenant or Blizzard has to go. So, either much squisher and less dmg or much less dmg.
  • no procs for sustain (not just the healing proc, also the low cd wd AoE procs)

I ended up with this setup. Any suggestions? Might wanna switch Coldstone to Seal of Blades because that 7% adcth is real low…

My suggestions:

  • Malakor’s
  • Let go of Blizzard.

Here is grimtools.

Should be good for consistent 6 minute runs.

tried 3 runs gladiator with all 4 buffs and vanguard banner:
first - death in 170 due to my bad piloting ( i have not much experienced id 150 -170 ) on Cuba
second - is win around 7 minutes
third - rip from unknowns reason
in that runs i feel so squishy ,like cannon glass cannon but we need better pilot that me :frowning: for testing

Sorry for asking(im a new player and learning about the game, i know this isnt a good build for a new player, but im just interested in how it all works), so: why do you take Dying god and revenant devotions, if you have 0 vit\chaos dmg. If i understand it right: revenant gives life leech, but why do you need dying god, is it just too good bonus with its offensive ability and crit dmg bonuses? and there isnt anything better?

Edit 1: you dont have to explain about the dying god, i already got the answer :slight_smile: