[]The Eldritch Arc Witchblade

That’s much stronger spec than yours. Just compare flat Chaos damage in the second tab. His build got twice as much as yours.

Yup, attack damage is better. But as I judge from the fact, that there IS a part of physical damage in the sheet, despite it being fully converted to chaos by the modificator, it’s cause he has more conversion gear (namely Voidheart) and 2300% chaos damage (vs 1800% in my build). The dps of Blade Arc will only be ~10k higher this way, but he’s still losing Manticore. Dunno, how much better this can perform, but as soon as I’ll get the belt, I’ll test it.

EDIT: + the loss of DA/OA

And don’t mind me – I want to swap my rings and voidheart is highly desirable, but losing OA in this case is totally useless, cuz I need it to make the ring proc consistent on strong enemies, wich requires appropriate stats.

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If you want a small tweak, I’d suggest looking for a LV waistgard until you get the other stuff.

With the recent item changes, it has 50% vit-> chaos convert. The base belt should net you more flat chaos.

(I’d also suggest a point in Fevered rage in order to spice things up at times, but that is maybe not for everyone.)

Yup, I’m grinding for a good one right now. But I always had a bad luck farming good MIs =_="

Fevered Rage is kinda interesting, but first I want to stack more DA. Though, I dunno, how much I need to not get one-shotted by nemeses

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3k effective OA is more that enough for vanilla, you wont see the difference unless you push to 3500 OA and its kinda hard. Dunno why you need more that 2800 DA in vanilla on soldier with 16% dmg absorbtion and maxed War cry. You can switch medal to Ryloc Crest with double OA rolls and move points from Second Rite to Fighting Spirit, but, again, not worth it.
I don’t like Manticore, the proc is never up when you need it. With flat RR on War cry that hit whole screen on demand is more reliable.

I also added a bunch of procs in devotions that should double the dmg output of build.

If you want a small tweak, I’d suggest looking for a LV waistgard until you get the other stuff.

That belt is a waste of time and equipment slot, we lack flat vitality to convert and +1 Occultist is better anyway.

Get some Chaos RR ring and potent essence of Ch’thon. Only thing chaos WB needs more of is RR

Okay. Based on the information from Game Guide, I’m starting to get what you mean, but I have some questions and would greatly appreicate if you could give me the answers.

First one: does stacking effective OA above one threshold and not reaching another not effect my chance to crit an enemy?

Assuming the answer to the first question is “yes”, there is a second one: does it mean, that there is a fixed caps of effective OA and any other amounts, that are between those caps prove to be useless?

Assuming the answers to both questions are “yes”, there is a third one: where can I see those caps? I mean, some exact numbers (I’m guessing, they should be based on the most powerful enemies, not including superbosses or smth like this)

I agree, but sometimes I see some way to big numbers of incoming damage. Especially, when dealing with guys like Grava’Thul

I’ve bound it to Necrosis. It’s an AoE debuff, that’s dealing damage in a dot-like way, with “ticks”. Each “tick” can proc Acid Spray. The other way is to bind it to War Cry, where chance is 100%, but it puts the proc on one target, whereas Necrosis triggers it multiple times.

Yup, procs are nice. But I still doubt they’re worth losing the RR, wich happens to be rather consistent in my case.

I don’t have any of those belts. Guess, starting with the MI is better than nothing :slight_smile:

As soon as I’ll get some answers on the questions from my previous post, I’ll start reworking the build

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Good Sir, thank much for the explanation!

The part related to OA caps - does it include DA reduction as well or is it only character’s OA itself?

And yes, I know, that my current DA will not lower damage, but I was hoping to get hit less often. Or are the bonuses between thresholds in case of DA as insignificant as th ones in case of OA? Still, I guess it’s useful to have a little bit more to be safe from enemies’s DA reduction.

Regarding the relic, same here. But I sacrificed a bunch of things I like more for the sake of RR :rolleyes:

Effective DA/OA levels. You can test significanse Of OA on dummy kill-times for yourself. :eek:. DA provide increasing returns, so pushing from 3300 to 3500 provide better returns that pushing from 3100 to 3300.

That belt is a waste of time and equipment slot, we lack flat vitality to convert and +1 Occultist is better anyway.


Well, the belt adds 6% overall more chaos due to converted vitality from Second Rite, in spite of the +1 skills increasing chaos in Solael and Possession. And another 50%to the Eldritch Pact proc, which isn’t a bad thing. As basic “of Attack” suffix is about all you’d look for.

No one is arguing that if you have the Darkblaze belt already, you’d wouldn’t just use that. But if you don’t and you are not GDstashing or trading…and he did mention that he did not have it.

I mean, any belt with +1 Occultist would perform better. Including girle of stollen dreams that has %OA and energy leech on it. :eek:

Ah…I think you should look closer the numbers. Second rite both adds vit and boosts chaos.

(the OA on stolen is nice if you need that boost and have nothing else, though)

Well, yeah, but its only 40-60% conversion on a single source of dmg? Dont forget we have high Vitality dmg and some %vit RR in the tree, so its no a utter waste, like cold dmg on aether build. :p And were loosing top ranks in second rite/posession with best returns and some flat dmg from Blood of Dreeg.
If autor have a nice green Rylok crest its better to leave that rite passive at onepointer and invest in Fighting spirit instead. Kinda good. Dread-lord of Attack should work, or any %OA prefix+OA suffix, or even Harmonous prefix.

Now I got it. Thank you once more!

Now I’m going to redo some aspects of this build. Guess, it’ll be something between your variant and mine

Good luck. :wink: Dont forget to check these Rylok` crests. They can be absurdely good =)

I’ve already mentioned in the initial post, that I’m going to use Darkblaze as soon as I will get one. but till that time I could farm the MI. And while doing it, I have a chance to drop smth useful, since constantly meeting Grava and lots of heroes

Thanks :wink:

Oh, If only I had some good Rylok’s Crests… bud I’m really having bad luck with good MIs