[] Triple Fire Devastation Mage Hunter

[b][] 4 x Fire Devastation Mage Hunter


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<<<<<<<< GRIMTOOL >>>>>>>>

With toggles + WoR.


A little walk in Ancient Grove on the KupaCabana Beach (Nemesis kill).



This is a gimmick I tried a few months ago: meteors everywhere. I went aether damage and full devotion procs but it wasn’t good enough. I decided to work again on this concept and instead of aether, it’s now focused on Elemental/Fire with Aether to Fire conversion.

Core for the build are obviously Devastation items: Helm, Amulet and Off-hand.
Other items have proven to really good elemental pieces.
The Medal is the weak link of itemization. If you have some suggestions ? The build isn’t very dependent on resistance/augment/component management.

Note on the only green item in the build:
It is only used for the -3 seconds on Devastation. Any prefix/suffix would do, though good damage affixes are welcomed of course. And it’s easy to farm.

An unsual path, for me at least: Meteor, Eldrtich Fire, Elemental Storm and Flame Torent. Charriot could be cut for Blind Sage (Elemental Seeker) but I like my characters to be defensive.


  • Word of Pain (Eldrtich Fire).
  • 2 Devastation for AoE that proc Meteor Shower and Elemental Storm.
  • Stormfire is your spamming ability (Flame Torrent).
  • Nullification for debuff.
  • Inquisitor Seal for Damage absoprtion essentially.
  • Word of Renewal for health sustain and defence.
  • Mirror of Ereoctes for the “oh! shit!” moments.

The fight is easy. More than 2K armor and 20% physical resistance is very good for a caster. Process:

  1. Stand in Inquisitor Seal.
  2. Pop the Devas’ and spam Stormfire.
  3. Run and dance till the cooldowns are back.
  4. Repeat.[/spoiler]

AoE is obviously very good. It lacks a bit of RR to my taste and some single target damage but it’s a very safe build. Note: not a build for people who suffer from epileptic seizure :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you’ll like it !

FG Updated (
the build is even stronger because new components + new augments = more OA/DA :slight_smile:
A new medal has been added.

You have 4 devestations : apocalypse, helm proc, devestation and meteor shower devo proc :slight_smile:

There are 3 kinds of people on earth. Those who can count, and those who can’t :rolleyes:

yeah it is a devastating fact :rolleyes:

Medal suggestion/idea : Luminary medal for +2 inq seal, but yours is pretty good I think (I struggle with medal choices for most Inquisitor builds actually)

If you start to overcap Maiven spere you get less damage penalty btw, I would take some points from the WoP line (does not do that much damage right?) and take Maviens to 17/12

I was playing a WoP build previously and without Gildam Medal, WoP damage is really low indeed in this build. Maybe switch for Stormbox then ?! That’s always a dilemma, DA shred from the box vs. easy, spammable and high range from WoP.

Medal choice for elemental caster is quite low indeed. Youalways end up with the same process: if you have shaman, then Tempet Sigil. If you have WoP and Stormbox, then Gildam. If not, just cry and take whatever has the best resistances you need.

What if you get Rune of Haggarad with maxed Biting cold? It looks cool (pun intented) and has superior DA shred and is less awkward to aim

Something like this? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRagr9V

Rune of Kalastor might be worth to use instead (fire damage), but then you kinda need the Anderos gun I think to make most use of its damage

I consider RoH like my ex. I’ve played with it for so long that now I’m completely disgusted at the sound of it.

WoP with high Word of Agony is so easy to apply and generally kill all trash mobs.

Sorry to hear about that dude

Word of Pain reminds me of my ex; the skill name and the fact that it is only good for trash :confused:

Some devotion choices and item are choices are suboptimal imo. I would do some skills differently too. But fun build, gratz!

Any suggestion is welcomed :slight_smile: