[] WoP/totem based Vindicator

Hey there,

First, I want to say…
-No it doesn’t contain Gladiator 151-170
-No it’s not a high end/supreme melee/caster farmer
-Yes I did GDstash 3 items, for testing and “optimising” purposes.
-Yes I am a clumsy pilot in crucible.

I decided to post this build because, for the first time, I was able to assemble something by myself, non-meta (tho it does have inquisitor) and with few commun and low-tier mythical legendaries, a 150 gladiator farmer.

My first one also.

Also, I decided to post this to gather some insights from experienced players and help push this build to break the 151-170 tier, if possible.
I am aware that WoP does have it’s limitations, damage wise.



9:51 130-150, 2 buffs, no banner.

Based around lightning-cold Word of Pain and Storm totem.

I was actually suprised at how decent it went. I must admit the Seal and wendigo totem synergize quite well. At that 150 wave, I was sure I’d die from those 2 Valdaran and Fabius, yet everything went well.

I Focused on HP and resists (damn Pierce tho :frowning: ), since I trully lack Physical resists (3%).

So…I guess that’s about it. Please share your opinions, I’d like to push this build to it’s limit!

thank you!