[] Lets get physical DW DK, need help!

I dont know if this is a good starter, but its the first build idea I have posted here on these forums, so please be gentle.

This is a goofy DK build I was testing around => convert as much stuff to physical as possible!
I thought that using some key items to convert elemental/chaos/vitality to physical would make this a killing machine.
The key items for this build are listed below=
-Mythical Beronath, Reforged --> chaos / elemental to Physical
-Mythical Gladiator`s distinction --> vitality to Physical

Main attack skills being Bone Harvest and Reaping Arc. From the devotions I was looking for some RR, and chaos/ele/vitality dmg.

Grimtools= https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B3RAJV
Of course I dont have all components installed etc, Im now merely testing it in Elite before going to ultimate.
Before that, I would like to get some opinions on =
-The general idea, is there too much damage conversion squeezed into one build?
-Item choices near OK?
-Devotion choices?
-Something else?

Thanks in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

link is the wrong one :stuck_out_tongue: Currently heads to a sabo

Here you go http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79449

For patch I would grab the updated Bloodied Crystal instead of Runebound Topaz, should be the only change you need to do

Look in the build compendium first :slight_smile:

Sorry, now I fixed the GT link.

Im not too confident with changing my setup towards the WB set, as I try to go the vit/ele route instead when it gets converted. Of course, if it happens that the net phys dmg is too low, I might have to rethink.

Cadence Cadence Cadence

Why Reap Spirit?

Manticore proc and Braek Morale RR do not stack.

So your idea is to get many procs that gets their damage converted?

Bone Harvest only uses main hand wpn dmg.

Your main wpn will convert some vit damage to cold on bone harvest before gladiator conversion kicks in.

You only have +800% physical damage multiplier (+1200% with all temp buffs). That is what my level 60 pure solider has right now, playing with only self found gear.

It is hard to get procs, skills and items with +skill that provide damage to converted into physical damage AND scale up the physical damage.

For devtionss, if you wanna devote yourself to this theme (pun intended), go down to purple green yellow and aim to grab Leviathan and Oleron.
You can get inspiration for such devotion map here http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=607087&postcount=2

I was starved with skills points, thats why I left Cadence out. I have some builds with Cadence, and its a good skill, Im not saying that. Just trying out a different route.

Looks like the devotion route was messed, so I guess Assassins Mark should been bound to Reap Spirit (maybe better now to Reaping Arc, if Im looking at it correctly).

Look in my updated post above.

For assassin mark, you want it bound to something that hits fast as hell.
Like Ravenous Earth (just get one point for casting Ass Mark)

Cadence is your main attack,put as many as possible points here and bind assasin mark,also deadly momentum is good.I like for devotions crab,the proc is helpful.Some players will suggest Oleron for T3 constellation,I prefer Empirion.

Basically this. That build but with Ulzaad in devotions is a monster both in terms of damage and tankiness. And it’s gonna be strong in Shattered Realm.

Ulzaad: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRaKYjV

But where to assign Ulzaad in term of effectivnes? 20% on attack :confused:
Doom? BH?

Anything really with a cooldown really.

And no, more like this.

Thanks, but I personaly changed 3rd point in Obelisk for 1st point in Throne, for 74% total stun resist.

OP link: you got 800% total phys multiplier, my friend. It doesn’t matter how much flat you stack if it doesn’t get multiplied enough times. Should be at the very least 2000%. You need +% physical damage stat on almost every piece of gear.

Besides, check out that Mad_Lee’s build or any other soldier build to see a proper point distribution. Like Field Command is always max no matter what, War Cry is at 12/12, Scars of Battle is until you get 100% armor absorption, etc. Necro: Spectral line is always maxed, both. Reap Spirit is not needed and the mastery bar going so far, Mark of Torment is 6/10 or more, etc.

Scarab sure is handy as an accessible option for stun resist and % armor. Spares us from the need to invest in things with either high point demand or low completion bonus like shieldmaiden or bear. I’m a bit surprised you chose 3 points into obelisk instead of Ishtak. Doesn’t seem to affect DA all that much.

If you wanna do a DW DK that has lots of procs and stuff and not using cadence, you will be better off going for vitality damage.

Try moving points to Ishtak and back to Menhir. We loose 110 DA and more importantly quadrupple metric tonn of armor.

I see your point. That sweet slow resist though. Your old setup with 3 points in Ishtak was an eyeopener for me. I swapped crab and eel for wraith and 1 point in crossroads in order to get both (don’t ask me why not just complete one of the 2 :rolleyes:) but the loss in DA doesn’t seem to worth it, not to mention losing the crab proc and some damage. Oh well, 53% slow res ain’t that bad. Your min-maxing is as bulletproof as ever :smiley:


Sure, it’s nice to have ~70-80% Slow Resist on a strong melee build, but as long as your other defenses are all right pushing it above 50% is not critical to its survival.

I will miss those three nods on Ishtak though, they are a wet dream for any auto-attacking build.

I hear you. At least people playing retal or hybrid retal builds will have Messenger’s proc to help with that. Speaking of procs, do you think it’s worth it to squeeze Azrakaa in the devo setup? It’s feasible, but, on paper at least, it seems inferior to the current one. Even so, that proc it has, with such a low cooldown and everything is dishes out, could be worth the trouble.

Another proc i’m curious about is the one from Targo’s pet dodo. Ironically, it’s pretty much what everyone was asking to be improved in the way Light of Empyrion works. Was trying to fit it in a s&b version for Beronath, cause it would seem like a great addition, but the requirements are a pain