[] Paladin - Physical Rune of Kalastor build - Octavius set (theorycraft)

I set out to make a Paladin that would focus on Rune of Kalastor and Aegis of Menhir, after seeing the Octavius set I switched my approach from fire damage to physical and this is my WIP result. I’m quite the way from testing it myself so whilst it looks good on paper (to me), I can’t attest to its quality. Also not interested in cheating, even if just to test it.

I’m really interested in feedback and if anyone has already tried something along the lines of this and your result.
Build on Grimtools

Play style:
The idea is to use Aegis of Menhir as an all purpose damage, CC and CD reset skill. Throw down Runes for massive AoE damage and use Judgement to pull all the potentially scattered enemies onto said rune whilst also lowering their Defence Ability as a nice bonus. Put down Storm Box on top of the rune to (hopefully) aoe proc Assassin’s Mark.

With less skill points from gear it might need some fine tuning, since it’s heavily reliant on Octavius you can at best level as a somewhat similar build that deals fire damage. In that case Aura of Censure could be a nice damage boost.

I would need to playtest it to see how it holds up, might need to put more points into defence skills such as Word of Renewal and Vigor, which by the way could potentially be really good with the CD reset from Aegies of Menhir, not to mention pretty high uptime of Ascension.

I’ve tried to mix some defence and offence, honestly didn’t think of any must have Devotions but as an early draft this seems solid enough.
Since there are quite a lot of crit damage % boosts I wanted to make sure I had enough OA, but Crushing Verdict will also help with that.


The ‘only’ requirement is the full 4 piece Octavius set, after that focusing on skill points, physical damage and extra defence seems like the correct choice.
I only put two components in the GT build (for devotions) because in the end those are mainly bonuses and don’t truly change this build.

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already done

Oh yeah, that’s eerily similar but I guess there’s not that many different ways to build around the set.
Did you try Judgement? I feel like Crushing Verdict is quite a powerful debuff and the way the skill ragdolls all enemies towards you feels like it’s a perfect match for Rune of Kalastor.