[*] Beginner's/budget dual pistols pierce Tactician

I actually asked you about the belt in PM and you said green is common,so I stick to it,but this one is good,flat pierce,piercing(less),but even with remotely good rolls on MI belt is better.

Yeah I know that is why I asked if you tried it :slight_smile:


Would it be possible for you to provide an updated devotion tree guide as this current list is not possible to complete.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Devotion is not changed, you can complete it. Remember that you can respec unneeded points with spirit guide.

I think he confused Harp for Bards harp, but you meant one should take Harpy

yellow>Assassin’s blade>remove yellow>Panther>Sailor’s guide>Harp>Ulzaad>red>Ghoul>remove red>Hawk>Hydra>remove hawk>Assasin>purple>Azraaka>one point in empty throne

So I think this should read

yellow>Assassin’s blade>remove yellow>Panther>Sailor’s guide>Harpy > Bards harp>Ulzaad>red>Ghoul>remove red>Hawk>Hydra>remove hawk>Assasin>purple>Azraaka>one point in empty throne

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You’re right @malawiglenn , very keen eye. Now is corrected, thanks!

RIP this build in 1.1.4

  • Faction - Bloodborer: increased % Attack Speed to 18%, replaced Pierce damage with Bleed damage. Increased Bleed damage modifier for Storm Spread to 120. Replaced Pierce damage modifier for Phantasmal Blades with an 8% Weapon damage modifier.

Don’t get it, bleed ranged? RIP :cry:

Z hates pierce damage

Also the MI belt does not have increased armor piercing longer
Man budget pierce builds got slaughtered!

When you say ‘remove’ do you mean all points in that constellation once you have enough to continue forward? I’m new and lost.

No shame in asking :slight_smile:

When I say remove “yellow” means remove the crossroad point. When is written name like “hawk” means to remove the constellation. Hope that’s helpful. If you have more questions, ask!

So pistols and belt are bad now. Any possibility to change the build so that the general idea still holds? Will this work with just random blue/purple guns (+pierce, +AS, etc.) or bloodborer was critical?

And as an off-topic: is there a way to make budget physical Tactician?

Well for pierce DW build, you want know Oathbearers pistols. They are random drop, though. Then if you have them you don’t need a belt with extra armor piercing.

For physical I think Havoc is good weapon. But again is random drop. Most pistols have conversion, so even small one will gimp your build. As whole budget pistol build isn’t easy achievable.

Currently I am wielding 2 Burrwitch’s guns (30% conversion, but good everything else), so basically a mixed build (phys, IT, pierce). Works acceptably fine though. I guess I will just keep hoping for good drops.

You can drop legendary weapons that define build. Oathbearers are the pistols for pierce. Havoc for physical damage. Jaxxon rings will help you too offensively.

Are they obtainable in a non-random way? I currently use 2 Mythical Blackwatch Seals.

They are sadly random. That’s why I used in my initial version Bloodborers, since they are with faction bought recipe.

Blackwatch seals are nice for any pierce attacking build. For example Belgothian set melee build can use it, here are nice also. Jaxxon lucky bullet is perhaps the best ring, but depends how much of your native weapon pool skills are used.

Which one is higher overall DPS? Oathbearers or Havocs?

Haven’t play them. But Havoc is pure physical damage. Probably for Havoc you need Oathkeeper class for - RR.