[] [HC] ALR - lightning ray Mage Hunter [vids]

Yup I meant the other way around, one should not do thinking when drinking

but lets do some casual vacation wednesday evening computer game math:

one get about +80% lightning damage maxing arcane empowerment with is about 4% more damage (with both deadly aim and elemental Imbalance off that is)

By not softcapping Elemental balance and instead getting Arcane empowerment to 15/12 you will loose 9% global crit damage.

Let’s figure out if -9% crit damage is “worth it” comparing to getting 4% total damage increase from a higher +%lightning damage.

Assuming 20% crit chance and base crit multiplier +20%,
you gain 2.60% damage by getting Arcane Empowerment to 15/12, with deadly aim off.

I can do similar examples with Deadly Aim on, and with Elemental Imbalance on o.s.v.

I’d like to join in more properly, but I’m on mobile already, gotta get up early. The 80% aka ~4% more dmg is kinda huge, but deadly aim gives you 100 more OA while active, so ~50 more on average and some minor % all damage aswell on top of elemental balance giving you the 9% more crit… It’s hard to say which one is really better (at least for me right now without proper calculation tools), but I have a better feeling with the softcap on deadly aim and elemental balance.

Spotted the inconsistent english :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it probably is on your build. But in general, on builds with “low” +%dmg and big crit damage on the skill they are using, getting more +%damage is usually better than getting more +%crit damage.

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Agree /10chars

updated for

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Hello. i really enjoy using your builds. My first character is based off this build. Are there any changes you would make for current game? And how viable do you think it is overall, especially compared to other AAR builds. I am contemplating converting to a fire AAR (AFR I guess).

Glad you enjoy them :smiley:

Changes to AAR in 1.1.6.x:

Codex of Lies is aether ray specific, Inashkor’s Head enabled physical ray.
The nerfs to the base aether damage scaling and mythical aetherreach affect pretty much all ray builds alike. I don’t see the need for a change though, I think pretty much all items are still BiS.

Overall I think fire, lightning, aether and chaos are pretty close to each other performance wise. I haven’t played any other versions other than lightning myself though. Feel free to try out AFR and post some feedback :smiley:

Wow, thank you for the fast response.
Just FYI, this is the AFR build I am looking at, but it is a little old as well. Based on your comments though it may not need updating.

And lastly, i took 1 point from Ultos (far left, + health and Chaos resistance) and put 1 point into Tempest for +40% lightning damage. Any thoughts?

You’re welcome! :smiley:
Yea that build might be a little stronger or basically the same as my ALR mage hunter.

Sounds alright for SC, but a little greedy for HC. Depends on your ingame overcap on chaos. If it’s still >35%, the Tempest point might be better.

hey guys
my first character is a mage hunter and i am trying to build AAR aether damage based but i have some survival issues. using this setup https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZedyk0V
can anyone help me balance it?
(its my only character so i dont have super good items and cant farm them cuz i die to bosses)

is what I’d do with skills/devotions/augments/attributes.

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wow looks nice, i’ll give it a try
thx alot :slight_smile:
would it make a big diffrence if i wont use storm box of elgoloth?
i just dont want to add another activatable ability (not in favor of piano builds)

Well it’s needed with these devotions, so if you don’t wanna use it you’d have to bind one of the devos to inquisitor’s seal instead, which isn’t as good, but ok I guess.

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is there a way to switch some points in the attributes beside the tonic of reshaping?
also, im missing some skill points, how is it possible? i dont see you changed any gear…

nope, that’s the only way.

Maybe you’re forgetting about the ones you have too many in the base skill of AAR, it was at 30/16 in grimtools.

yep you are right, but i stil miss 3 points that you put into the inquisitor mastery bar, i see its level 47
thats weird because i didnt even put a point in storm box

hmmm, you can try uploading your char to the grimtools checklist to see, if there are any quests missing that grant you additional skillpoints.

thx, ill try that
cant seem to defeat FG final boss even with your setup :frowning:

FG bosses (Kymon and Korvaak) are probably the hardest bosses of the main story line, but you should be able to facetank them most of the time while standing inside inquisitor’s seal and only reposition from seal to seal. What exactly do you struggle with when fighting him? Burst hits? The build’s weak spot right now is definitely single high damage physical hits.

Edit: note that you will probably have to level the new active devotions.

yea i cant facetank his hits, he is chopping my health pretty quickly in his 3rd form
also i dont seem to heal as fast even tho im always AARing