[] Beronath's Death Herald: 7m Crucible 150-170, no greens melee dw-Cadence Death Knight/Warlord

Hi madlee,
I am trying your build as warlord.
But i wonder why not putting at least 1 point in Zoltan technic (having extra AOE why not?) or maybe it reduce the chance of markovian advantage to proc by proc-ing itself ? in that case i understand if not can you explain me ?
Btw Great build D

Zolhan hits only with main hand and attack of that particular WPS is slow, so on DW builds is DPS loss.

ok but is it dps gain for 2H ?
and any thoughts of this devo tree for more dps and more lifesteal ?

I wouldn’t recommend going for 2h Cadence build - it won’t be reliable. Markovian Advantage is good dual-wielders but bad for two-handers and vice versa with Zolhan, it has to do with weird animation issues and the fact that Zolhan only hits with one hand.
About 2h devo tree, check out my “The Big Bad” build, I found a pretty efficient devo tree there.

But why you say marko is bad for 2H it give me + 125% to ALL damage on rank 12/12
And you say zolhan is bad for dual and good for 2H why not putting points in zolhan in big bad build ?
sorry but just trying to understand

Markovian’s Advantage has a weird animation issue with two-handers if I recall correctly that results in a damage loss when using it. Zolhan is on the other hand what the doctor ordered for two-handed auto-attackers.
Reason why Big Bad doesn’t use Zolhan or any wps is simple, it’s because it doesn’t use auto-attack (Cadence in that case). It uses Blade Arc, which is not an auto-attack replacer. WPS do not work with Blade Arc (kind of like they don’t work with Primal Strike spam from Shaman mastery).

nice i understand tanks

Hello, sorry I also am struggling with the devotion route, here is what I managed to do so far: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bpq7BZ
Can you see a simple fix for it? I cannot remove Scarab or Scepter and had to pull one from Jackal to get the Light of Empyrion.
It would help so much if you could explain the exact route for the build.
I did have the gloves drop today but do not really see the benefit of switching them just yet, I quite like the 2 set bonus from Krieg gloves and boots until I can get the boots also.

You’re almost there. Remove one more point from Jackal to complete Assassin, then remove Scepter and use its points to Obelisk, Jackal and Empty Throne. I’m also playing this build and found Bull more useful than Stag https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4YJK52.

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Oops, I completely missed that last point in Assassin. Thanks a lot!

Hello, guys, new player here. Can you explain wheres all the active health leech\gain in Warlord video coming from? I dont get it

How do you dual wiled with warlord?

Attack damage converted to health.

There are some items that grants dual wielding, in particular medals and relics. This build uses the Direwolf crest medal.

Oh. How do level warlord without that %converted? flasks? =)


I have two beginner friendly guides for Warlord ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

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I meant, that I dont have life gain source. Ty for begginer guides, will go read now!

There are devotions, nodes, components and items that can grant you attack damage converted to health. In particular Ghoul that gives a huge ton of this life steal when you get low on health

How does this dual wield warlord fare in the newest patch
Can he do crucible 170…?

My aether death knight barely made it through gladiator crucible 170, even with all four crucible buffs. Really hard!

I haven’t tested it but I think Warlord should be fine. I might test Death Knight tho, since it’s a bit less tankier of the two.

Great! I’m going to make him. Thanks for your wonderful guides by the way - super entertaining!

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I have updated Warlord’s Grimtools and played with it for a bit. Around 7-7:30 minute build. Wave 169 should be approached with great caution (better take out Anasteria first).