1.1.2 Looking for Clairvoyant AAR Build

Looking for a good AAR Grimtools build/Devotions to use with the revamped Clairvoyant’s Focus set. I see two option Spell Binder or Warlock:

Warlock: Sigil of Consumption/Curse of Frailty/Doom Bolt. How does Sigil work? Do I get life back using sigil with AAR?

SpellBinder: Spectral Binding/Siphon Souls/Harbinger of Souls

Thoughts? Looking for a build with reasonable survivability. I tried AAR a couple years ago but gave up due to stationary squishiness. Wanting to go back to it this weekend.


I don’t even know how to comment it. The patch hit few minutes ago and you already want someone to give you a build with the new AAR like people already tested it weeks ago. :rolleyes:

Sorry, grimtools not updated, all theorycrafting on hold.

My AAR Warlock became weaker after patch, I don’t understand what happened

We’ll see both aether and chaos AAR builds made for sure.Just have patience.

They had to cut down AAR damage in exchange for the piercing.

They didn’t have to, but they did.

I’m currently working on a Spellbinder guide.

I should have the guide up tomorrow, provided I’m able to cram it in a busy day.

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Here’s a highlight of the stream tonight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/421923626
It’s not pretty and I did more fighting then what’s there but I need to do some editing and whatnot to make it look better.

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Here’s the Grimtools for it, but the items are obviously going to list old stats: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLPWqwV


up to L67, but haven’t picked a second class yet, may go spellbinder

Converted my Warlock last night to Clairvoyant, I like it! Running Occultist 40/Arcanist 50. Going with Reckless Power, though I wonder if Possession would work.

I run Curse, Blood of Dreeg, Aether Corruption from item, Aether Ray, Doom Bolt, and Devastation.

I put in one IEE for the modifier that gives crit damage.

For devotions, I went for Hourglass, managed to get Revenants since now they reduce resists, and also got Dying God. I don’t know if Dying God is great for this but the crit damage will be good.

Eternity relic. Can often get 3 Doom Bolts in a row. I’m hardly min-maxed but clear can be insanely fast sometimes

Binder is usually great choice for aether damage!You need to protect yourself during cast of AAR and MoE and MoT combo is classical. And ofc with Maiven and Nullification,health and instant RR,Siphon souls,reduced damage from RE,Necro offers excellent support skills to Arcanist.

I love it when people ask for reworked builds just an hour after patch hits.

What the hell

I’m a very experienced builder and making a build from scratch, testing it, then tweaking it and testing it again just takes 15 mins! And it goes down to 10 mins if I use GDstash! :rolleyes:

Running this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPArMdN. Good overcaps, with nice rolls you can have very decent phys res i think it’s around 24%-25%. DA in game is higher due to set bonus.

Damage feels quite a bit lower than before. Didnt do any serious testing yet.

There is not enough love here for the poor Chaos AAR Warlocks :cry: :rolleyes:


Different thread for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Been using this, it is so fun I think I will start crying at any moment. good offense, good defense with Maiven and phoenix … good RR, 200K piercing DPS.

not using the pulsing shard, but the conduit plus harbinger of souls offer plenty of life leech.


Where did you get that offhand?? Destroyers Pulsing Shard of the Aether? Random Crafted? Awesome stats.

it (the base item) drops from the Amalgamation, in crucible and in SR

the pre- and suffixes are random

Ah ok thanks I didn’t see that thread :slight_smile:

Looks like a fun build! Will give it a try this weekend. I have all of the gear but missing boots and medal.