[ -] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

На флешку можно перевесить, если хочется, особой разницы не будет.

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Thanks for the guide, I’m going to make such a character some time.

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Im kinda new to grim dawn but love the look of this build, just looking through i see the seal is the seal of the void, would the seal of destruction be better? for the extra fire damage or is the chaos conversion and attack speed way better.

first, welcome to the forum!

seal of the void is better here for 4% AS and its granted skill that is a wps like bursting round etc.

Do you have any tips for how to level the character? I’m new to GD as well!

Here is a beginner guide for a purifier build, 2 pistol though:

Once you have the equiptment via trading and farming, you switch to this build.

In the present build, the weapon and helmet of the set can both be crafted. If you have the materials, just ask on the discord or forum and somebody will craft it for you. Craft a couple of helmets and transmute them into the other set pieces or directly ask for a trade. As currency, i would calculate about 600k iron or 12 udgeblooms per set item. So it is faster to farm those or other materials.


Playing this class now and it feels so satisfying.
For me it works better when Elemental Storm (from Rhowan’s Crown) is bound to Storm Spread as it hits with 4 projectiles from rank 7 and each has a change to proc the Elemental Storm.
During low-mid levels it is nice to have Praetorian set (Chest + Mantle + Helmet), Empowered Maraudeur set (two pistols, gloves + belt) and “Of Valiance” jewellery set (two rings, amulet + medal) - three sets total so you only need boots, relic + pants :slight_smile: Can’t wait to craft Desolator to feel the true power of this build.

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Hi, I’m coming back to Grim Dawn after a long hiatus and have a few questions about the build, in part so I can better prioritize points as I level and in part so I can generally understand this build (and others) better.

  1. Is there a way to ‘turn off’ items in GrimTools so I can see how many points you actually put in each skill instead of the total including points on gear?
  2. Since Brimstone is adding a bunch of chaos, why not put a point in Hellfire Mine for the chaos res reduction?
  3. Why the point in Static Strike when not scaling lightning–just enough %fire damage to justify it with all the +Demo points off of gear?
  4. Why not put a point in Stun Jacks for the CC? Is Flashbang’s confusion and lower cooldown enough for reasonable CC in addition to the DA/OA reductions?
  5. More generally, I’m a bit confused about the logic behind the skills that are neither overmaxed nor have just 1 point in them (assuming I can count right, see question 0). Thermite Mine/Flashbang for utility, Vindictive Flame/Deadly Aim/Arcane Empowerment for offense, Blast Shield and the Word of Renewal line for defense. Are these all just individual efficiency breakpoints?
    4b. What’s going on with Ranged Expertise/Bursting Round/Chilling Rounds/Storm Spread? I can understand 1 point in Chilling/Storm for devo procs (although it doesn’t look like this devotion setup needs that many), and potentially more in Bursting Round/Ranged Expertise for damage (especially Ranged Expertise for the attack speed), but I don’t understand the current distribution.
  6. Are there any changes or suggestions you’d make for playing this build in hardcore?
  7. (edit) What factions would you recommend for earlier gear and/or augments?

Thanks in advance for any help figuring these out. :slight_smile:

hello and welcome back to GD!

so for your questions:

  1. there is a way but I actually don’t remember it.
  2. there’s very small bunch of chaos damage so it’s inconsiderable and we have better skills to invest into.
  3. Static Strike is probably the worst node of FS (and it also has chance of dealing dmage) so it’s mostly 1-pointed.
  4. Stun jacks, if you played them, are a completely different skill 9it’s better to focus on them only). Flashbang shred’s enemies’ Da and also gives fumble (that means’ enemies’ attacks have a 29% chance to miss which considerably increases your tankiness).
    4b. no, breakpoints are not individual. for Thermites, you can invest 11/16/all you want in it but since Purifier has 2 -5RRs, it’ better not to overcap them. VF has a breakpoint at 11. Flashband is just 1-pointer and it’s node has the breakpoint on 6. Blastshield is commonly taken for 10/12/14. As the build has other defensive mechanics, I’ve chosen to take it up to 10 only. WPS skills have 20% chance on their ranks and Storm Spread gets extra projectile on 7/10.
  5. I don’t play HC so can’t say anything. Maybe maxing Blast Shield but it’s better to ask some experienced HC players.
  6. Hmm. There aren’t any special factions but you need to be friendly with Barrowholm and Kymon’s Chosen.

seeing the skill points without items in GrimTools is Shift + Ctrl.

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Thank you both very much! That helps a lot.

One last query–I wasn’t clear with my phrasing on question 3 re:Static Strike. I can see why you don’t put more points into it, but why is the 1 point in it even worth while? Just for the ‘free’ other ranks in it you get off gear for that bit of %fire?

The point is needed to reach the skill Brimstone.

Ohhhhh ok, thanks. I feel dumb. XD I thought you could take any of the optional things as long as you had the base skill without necessarily taking the other options that go with that skill.

false. you can take Brimstone as soon as you invest 50 points in Demo’s mastery bar. What you need is to have Fire Strike itself for at least 1 point.
Static Strike just gives a bit more damage.

Ahh, so it does work the way I thought. Thanks for the clarification!

The dosolator is stronger than ever


I’m enjoying this build very, very much! It’s the best thing that happened to me in this game.
I have a problem, though. Since I’m still a beginner in this game and I still don’t understand the mechanics of it, I have to ask why is it that I get stun locked by some bosses for example Lokarr (I can’t defeat him)? Is it because I don’t have enough DA? I have around 2700da and you have 3000. From what I’m seeing, nobody get stunned not once in the Lokarr fight.

The Wyrmscale footguards can roll up to 60% stun res, then you have 3 crafted items so you go to the Malmouth Resistance blacksmith to get a stun res bonus. That can roll up to 10%. Stun res definitely can make a difference in the Lokarr fight; most Purifier builds can just face tank him in the Inquisitor Seal as long as you target swap to the add.

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Sorry, do you have leveling topic for this build? I’m a newbie so i have some difficult with leveling :hot_face:

you have the endgame gear or not? Nery has leveling and beginner build for ranged purifier [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier

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