[ -] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

Ahh, so it does work the way I thought. Thanks for the clarification!

The dosolator is stronger than ever


I’m enjoying this build very, very much! It’s the best thing that happened to me in this game.
I have a problem, though. Since I’m still a beginner in this game and I still don’t understand the mechanics of it, I have to ask why is it that I get stun locked by some bosses for example Lokarr (I can’t defeat him)? Is it because I don’t have enough DA? I have around 2700da and you have 3000. From what I’m seeing, nobody get stunned not once in the Lokarr fight.

The Wyrmscale footguards can roll up to 60% stun res, then you have 3 crafted items so you go to the Malmouth Resistance blacksmith to get a stun res bonus. That can roll up to 10%. Stun res definitely can make a difference in the Lokarr fight; most Purifier builds can just face tank him in the Inquisitor Seal as long as you target swap to the add.

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Sorry, do you have leveling topic for this build? I’m a newbie so i have some difficult with leveling :hot_face:

you have the endgame gear or not? Nery has leveling and beginner build for ranged purifier [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier

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Thank bro!
I knew this game just 4 days ago so i have nothing

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Frist off. Thanks!

This build is WAY better than mine. I down loaded it and it is amazing!

I have questions.

Why use blood Sygil medal as opposed to myth proclasms mark?

Why let your pierce and poison sit at only +5% when ather is +52%? Is it not better to get poison and pierce up to +15%ish and let ather drop a bit?

Seriously amazing toon.

Because of racial and proc.

Aether is one of the most important resists, pierce is one of the least. Actually, it’s hard to gather all resists on a desolator purifier, so some sacrifices must be made.

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Has somebody managed to take down Ravager, Crate, Callagadra with this build?

well, if you want to take superbosses down, you can always download the save file and try them by yourself.

I am actually levelling the char now so will probably try it myself later on, was curious if somebody has already tried them and if any adjustments are needed.
probably maxing pierce res for Callagadra and lightning + stun res for Mogdrogen.
Not sure about Crate and Ravager, though.

Moig can be killed but it will be very boring and long fight.
Ravager, calla, Crate - no. Just no.
You can’t just stand and shoot against them (which is the actual gameplay) and you lack defences for it.

Retal Abuser killed Crate with full Valdun Tactician (considered by majority as weak set/archetype/damage type).
I can’t believe Desolator Purifier cannot do it.

Superfluff has a peculiar setup for Callagadra stacking armor and d/a in order to facetank her.

I took the liberty to adjust it for Purifier Desolator:


This is a gimmicky as it probably gets.
i wonder if somebody is willing to try this vs Callagadra and share the results :slight_smile:

build updated for

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I started levelling this char and it’s a blast so far!!!

Cruised through normal and elite in full Lookar set + 2 x Leovinius rings and didn’t die once!

At lvl 75 equipped the non-mythical Justicar set and capped the resistances and am currently cruising through ultimate without a sweat!

My only problem is the Blood sigil of ch’thon. It didn’t drop and i am almost level 80 already. Is there anything I can do to get it? Do I understand correctly that once I got lvl80 i can no longer drop it?

Edit: also about devotions binding. Isn’t it better to bind ulzuins proc to thermite mines?

Storm Spread might work fine here because it’s 30% change to proc per every projectile and there’s 4 of them. I remember having Elemental Storm on Storm Spread and it was working well.

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But it’s only 20% chance to use it.

Thermite mine doesn’t have the same 30% proc chance per mine? And we have 6 of them.

I don’t think so but it might work better with more enemies because Storm Spread doesn’t pass through?
(Thermite Mine does have more proc chances with more enemies for sure)

I’ll try to make some Math on a single target (multiple target I’d have to test):

  • chance to proc Meteor with 4 projectiles per Storm Spread trigger = 1 - 0.7^4 ~ 76%

  • let’s say Thermite Mine has 30% to proc it after 1s on single target or rather every second

How many attack per second the build has I’m not sure but let’s say 3 attack per second.
To proc in one of attacks 0.2 (wps proc) * 0.76 chance

And to proc in one of 3 attacks that happen during 1s = 1 - (1 - 0.2*0.76)^3 ~ 39%
which might be slightly better than Thermites mine 30%?

Anyway this is not supposed be a proof Storm Spread is better just showing it might be ok.
Would need to test it imo to be sure. I procced Storm usually immediately with it on Flame Keeper

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