[ -] [S&B Hybrid] The Bottlemage - Spellscourge Battlemage [5:00 Crucible] [SR105] [All Celestials]

how do battlemages see themselves / how do they really look like

I just noticed it’s been almost three years already since I first made this build and then kept tweaking it till now. And in the end I really like how just an okayish build for a bad class became one of the tankiest builds in the game for now with decent damage potential. Unfortunately, battlemage will always be a class of two builds, but we can do little with it.


Extra-tanky spec (mostly for facetanking Calla or super deep SR): Battlemage, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Gear explanation
  • Weapon and armor - 2 pcs of Targo as it supports BA and synergizes with Spellscourge set itself;

  • Rings - BM is mandatory, second one - I tested Combustion band vs Gargabol, Gargabol felt better to me in terms of damage, though they’re ± equal;

  • Medal - BiS here because of flat to BA;

  • Belt - chose this for extra % damage and %armor, though M. Chains of Oleron will suit well too.

Pros and cons of the build


  • The build is a classic tank - high DA, armor, quite nice HP, flat and %absorb etc.

  • It’s very easy to play and is capable of doing all content, including very deep SR and superbosses.

  • Build also has nice offensive potential, high OA and massive damage from Devastation.


  • Because of no innate -% RR, enemies like IM take a long time to kill.

  • This point is similar to previous one, as the main damage source here is Devastation, smaller targets like humans do not take full damage from it.


Average time I have is 5:00-5:15, with some lucky muts and spawns it does ~4:45.

4:43 run

6:08 ex naked run

Shattered Realm





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Ravager of Minds

Callagadra, Scion of the Sands

Crate of Entertainment - the thing that annoys me the most about this fight is that Crate may easily jump out of Devastation area, making it useless. Also watch out for big crates, they somehow oneshot you.

Summary and thoughts

This is one of my favourite builds alongside with Veilkeeper Druid. While the druid is more of a glass cannon, this one is a classic tank that forgives multiple mistakes and allows at the same time quite fun gameplay. After buffs to phys damage and set it became only better (obviously), so I hope you’ll enjoy it too.


i guess it is because of the fairly low physical res of 18%. For a facetank build pretty scary, but impressive results being a BA nevertheless!

What can you do, set could’ve had Physical Callidor but instead it has 1h Blade Arc. I like everything about the spec except amulet component (any reason not to boost attack speed with Seal of Annihiliation?) and Internal Trauma augment in weapon (could be flat/OA augment from Bysmiel). Also I am not sure how but maybe try and get it to 2950 DA to avoid unnecessary deaths.


Changed the seals from annihilation to ancestry when got shot by Alex in cruci. But I think some more tests won’t hurt (as for augments too). Will look what’s possible.
Thanks for commenting!

Very similar to my last build ! The main difference are

  • I’m using green pants. I farmed solael a lot!
  • Mark of consumption as a medal. I might remove this one … mainly used for the 8% leech on blade arc.
  • Slightly different divination tree.
  • I have 100% block recovery with overguard

Overall, your build seems to be slighty better. I’m able to do SR170 without dying. Just more slow.


:zantai: is watching you!

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Grimtools is down, can you give information on the build some other way?

Sure, I can PM you and send all required informations&screenshots.

This is the first time I notice this build. Can’t see GT, but build look solid for Battlemage!

With changes of Trozan set and Arcanist mastery, BM is the class with the worst primere build. Warlock can go TSS, Sabo have N&O, Elementalist have Cyclone, Defiler have Blightlord. Battlemage is in the corner, quietly sobbing.

This is very cool, I don’t know how this didn’t turn up in my search before on spellscourge builds. Is the single target damage on bosses/nemesis really poor with just blade arc?

1h BA is bad. Obviously. This is Devastation that’s doing the job.

Do you think it deserves another damage buff or just scrapped in favor of another skill to replace it? If so what would you pick?

Yes, and that’s quiet sad situation that even with profile sets battlemage is the outsider.
But the problem, I think, is a bit more global.

If deserves to be buffed into skies to start dealing good damage.
Or maybe replaced with M. Decret of the Circle of Five proc (greatly reworked and buffed too, tho).
I don’t actually want FW or some Arcanist skill like CT cuz we already have an AoE, and the missing part is AA.

Thanks, I would appreciate a PM with information.

I like the idea of physical CT but at that point it would probably be more effective as Templar over Battlemage even without +skills. Cadence isn’t the most exciting skill but it would be a damage bump with deadly momentum into the mix and you’d have your single target auto attack. It would also help strengthen it as a Battlemage set for its intended purpose.

Agree, Cadence would be a nice variant.

Build info:
77 physique, 30 cunning
Augs: 3 Mankind’s Vigil, Kymon’s Blessing, 2 Coven’s Black Ash, Solarstorm Powder
Rings - 3 Steelbloom Powder
Mallet - Bysmiel’s Cunning, shield - Ravager’s Eye update: new GT link, new videos, some more information about the build added.
Somehow it has become faster in Crucible so shows now mediocre times.

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It’s not anymore Bottommage? I think it’s faster but mostly is your improved piloting I guess, physical BM is bad…

What do you think about Deathstalker Relic, +1 Soldier is big loss, but extra RR?