[ -] [S&B Hybrid] The Bottlemage - Spellscourge Battlemage [4:45 Crucible] [SR100] [All Celestials]

probably yes. at least, it’s not so memish how it used to be. no way a top-tier but just a working build.

it’s a possible option but now I don’t want to sacrifice sth like Overguard or Fighting Spirit. :stuck_out_tongue: I also didn’t take Gladiator’s Distinction as skill points … where are you?

Crucible and SR

GT is the same but due to recent buffs the build is considerably faster and more satisfying to play.


I have a build very similar to this one.
Yours was really cool to play, mine was a little weird already, it seems that I can’t easily kill the mobs / bosses. I’ll take yours as a base to remodel mine.

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the fastest run so far by me, average are about 6:30-6:50

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build updated once more, new GT and videos are here.

build updated for

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build updated for, new GT link and videos from Cruci and SR were added to the OP.


Thanks for the update, is the savefile as of

Edit: It is updated.

I created a very simmilar build. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B835DZ
I got to say Battlemage is turning out to be one of my favorite builds out there. I dont know why it is not considered more popular. Tanky with great offense as well.

EDIT: Where did you get that green ring? I would like to use one like that but the best I could find was mythical Cursebearer…

battlemage doesn’t have any -% Rr in both masteries, so it makes it a mediocre class.

the ring drops from Gargabol, though can be replaced by menhirian/any other good phys ring.

I understand this but it still does good damage with blade arc. I clear game contest and SR easily. And for me it doesnt die thanks to life steal and good defense stats…

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Compare it with warlord, deathknight or witchblade

I’d say that it’s the Devastation that does job here :stuck_out_tongue: BA is for proccing AM and applying flat RR.

Converted to physical Devastation (which ignores armor) does like 80% damage of this build. Blade arc 1 hand weapon is just a filler for you to do while Devas kills everything (and proc staffs)

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updated for


I really do love this build. It is very fun, but it still looks like raining poo.

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it like it too, currently it’s one of my favourites among all builds.


I never played a battlemage, but I’m tempted to due to the obvious tankiness.
Have u tried out reaping arc? It could save some skillpoints to spend for war cry and u don’t have to deal with armor like blade arc.

no, I didn’t.
Deathstalker is too valuable here due to RR. WC isn’t needed here as we have flat RR from BA and DR from Empyrion’s proc.

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im new to the game and im a little lost, these 77 phys, 30 cunn points come from devotion?
on the calculator I see all the points invested in cunning