[] [Battlemage][U] Warden Blitzkrieg

sure go ahead. You can also mention that one can show the weapons at Hyram which is way faster than farming them by killing mobs

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First of all, I do not think increased healing affects these life restoring mechanics such as menhir will but only life steal and life regen. I might be wrong though. But anyway, +3% would mean 47*1.03 = 48.4%

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Increased Healing affects % Health Restoration from Menhir’s/Pneumatic Burst as well as ADCTH. It does not affect Life Regen.

You’re correct about the math, though. It’s multiplicative, not additive.

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Will it also affect health restoration from items? Like “Defy death” on Mythical Reaper of the Accursed

Fixed the math, thanks. I suck at math lol



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The build guide is finally finished. Hoozah!

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Wow, great build and staggering write up. How many hours does your day have?:smiley: I’ll go for malawi’s version considering my limited playtime. Good to see a build makiing use of MIs (albeit double rares) during the current legendary (sets) meta. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dont to budget for the sake of budget, use the best items you have :slight_smile:

That goes without saying. But considering I’ve now played close to 400 Hours and only dropped one double-rare MI, it’s safe to assume I’ll never get the affixes used in this build. :wink:

some people are just luckier lol. i have only see 2 double rares drop in s75-76 for weeks now and thats after around 100+ runs. and the ones which did drop were pretty much useless. yeah so… sad face.

Some people will find less than average, some will find less than average. That is the nature of RNG

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RNGesus giveth and RNGesus taketh away. :wink: :pray:t2: :innocent:

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If I were to put the total hours together of how long it took me, I’d say around 48 hours from start to finish. There was just so much to talk about in regards to the build.

On the Grim Dawn official discord, there is a trade channel which people are trading items on all the time. I tend to frequently scan through it for people who are requesting items and offer it to them when my transfer bank gets overfilled with blues, purples, and MIs.

You could try looking on there for items you need, but yeah… it does take a while to find the perfect prefix and affix on green items. Fortunately, I have both quite a few friends who play Grim Dawn pretty diligently and the trade channel to help get my items.

There are also the trading threads here to try as well.

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