[] Infernal Brimstone Knight 6:45. cruci 150 - 170 (Shieldbreaker) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Hi Guys!

I want to make a build around Infernal Brimstone. i don’t have to much choice, since it is dedicated for Shieldbreaker. That’s all. Thx to John Smith infernal knight build, i get some idea how to do this.



Lvling: U can go for vire’s migth or EoR or RF. Just fit for the fire devo.

Gear: Ensure you get as much stun resist crafts on items.

Crucible: 6:45 Thx to Nery.

Dmg absorvation rotation is ur defense.

Defensive Rotation Whenever u see Blast shield wait the 3 sec, if neccesary use Ascension, till Ascension up, Blast shield comes back. Bwc helps u not die if u are waiting one of these.

SR: I don’t recommand sr 75 I died so many times i was lucky dunno, but i managed to do. It capable, but cruci for farm still better.

  • Why not RF?
    If u want u can use as 1 pointer like Nery in the video, but IMO it is hard to use, and still better for this build to be a caster.

  • Why not Alladrah’s Phoenix/Phoenix Fire?
    U can use my Pyro build devo if u wish to get that for more defense, but i just want to more burn output in this build and still if u don’t insist for SR u are good to Cruci or in Main campaing.

It is fun concept. I liked, still a bit squishy. Infernal brimsotne is like Stromreaver, except this is a burn weapon.


Added in the video link to the topic.

Really fun to play with all that fire&burn procs :slight_smile:

Yeah, sadly it can die easily.

Proper Infernal Brimstone Shieldbreaker, finally! Now I need to remember that guy who posted similiar build earlier except it was bad and had 2500 DA or something.

Good job, Nandi!

EDIT: Ah, found him. @Ambrecombe, if you are still using this forums, this is an example of how your build can be done better. Sorry I didn’t come up with a gt link as promissed, got caught up and forgot.


Mad_lee, I believe my DA was around 2620 which is only a problem if you run SR 75+ (but you can still complete it), in crucible you can do just fine by running defensive banners + buffs.

Previously, in my own thread, I explained you could realocate the extra points I’ve put in guardian of empyrion if you want to take presence of virtue and resilience. And by modifying my attributes and getting more physique I can get around 2750 DA ( 2910 with circuit breaker). With Blackwater debuff that’s a 3K threshold which is enough for most of the content.

Here’s the optimized version : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0BRj9N

And stop calling my build “bad” because you don’t like the fact it has lower DA and don’t like how I allocated my points for my own personnal gamestyle when i clearly said you could change it. Not only it is getting tiresome but if you really took time to analyse my build, you would have seen that I didn’t “wasted” a single stat, component/devotion bonus, in my whole itemisation (well except for the extra pet bonuses)…

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But you did, mate. Don’t take it as an offence. Your current link is so much different. More DA, proper skills leveled, etc. Before there was 2600 DA Oathkeeper with no Ascension and no Presence of Virtue. Still could use some improvements (like the medal choice).

Medal, is a personnal preference, because I used to switch between my Infernal Brimstone and 2 Grimfates for fun.

I would personally go for non-mythical Chton for Crucible or Mark of Burning Shadows for SR. But ought to be tested.

I would say for the better performanance, i learned one thing: The Best is wich gives u permanent buff to ur skills, that’s all. For me the Shadow medal gives 150 burn is huge. Non mythical Chton still good, but the 30 fire is not 150 burn and is is temporarly. That’s why Shadow better IMO.

It probably is, it gives very nice res and armor as well. But for Crucible damage to humans + some OA might be the deciding factor. But it’s gotta be tested.

The brand provides more offense and synergises better with my Wyrmbone Handguard and components in my oppinion :

  • the none mythical mark of Ch’thon, provides less attributes in general and the buff only gives flat damage, which I only get from melee attacks. (also don’t care about damage vs humans, they already die so fast!). So not worth it for me.
  • the mark of Burning Shadows could work, but it provides no OA and it has less synergies with the rest of my gear overall.

I’ll stick to my Korvaak’s brand I think, unless I find some godly green! :smiley:

If u are DoT caster u don’t really need that high OA it is about DoT, see my rancor warder the OA is crap, still the DoT can be 1mil.

And based on your 2 grimtools links, i still have More OA/DA.

to be fair, he did not call it “bad” here he just said “this is a way it could be made better” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Medal proc is good,but I think it was nerfed,though. The extra racial bonus is worth only against Maiden and maybe Alex,others die quickly.I will say that Nandi medal choice is optimal,cause bwc deals crazy burn,but Blood Sigil is worth it on a lot of builds.

Well, as I said, it’s ought to be tested. I am leaning towards mark of burning shadows as well, after recent update it became pretty much mando for BWC builds.

Is this build still viable since the newest updates?

Probably even more so than before since Thermite Mines received a really nice buff :slight_smile:


As a person who gave this build few spins, it should be even better now. But as you may know, it’s really skill dependent build.

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